I am deeply impressed and moved. The potent mix of human experience and compelling digital presentation makes for something very special indeed.
— Liz Robinson, Head Teacher, Surrey Square Primary School (UK)
I am delighted with the quality of the resources. The content is engaging and invokes a never ending discussion around a variety of topics, including some which traditionally have been hard to broach at primary school.
— Jon Carthy, Headteacher, Byron Primary School (UK)
A brilliant, engaging resource which I think can be used in a flexible way to teach students about key development and citizenship issues, at the same time as improving their literacy, especially in KS2 and KS3.
— Paul Highfield, Geography Teacher, Fir Vale School Academy Trust (UK)
This is simply amazing.
— Anton Brooks, Teacher, Hanham Woods Academy (UK)
A beautifully produced, inspiring resource from which much can be learned about community, equality, enterprise and generosity. This is an opportunity not to be missed!
— Marguerite Heath, Programme Director, Citizenship Foundation (UK)
Lyfta’s stunning interactive documentaries provide an educational resource which provokes pupils into thinking about people, places and the issues society faces. The provocations help learners to poignantly imagine different futures, inspiring them to better understand the part they can play in creating a fairer, sustainable legacy.

Thank you for sharing!
— Dora Plant, Headteacher, Ashbrow School (UK)

Our children have loved engaging with this interactive platform as it has challenged them to look at the world from a different viewpoint and made them consider what the foundations of a strong vibrant community are. The stunning visuals have helped to tell multiple stories which have made our children to reflect on their own past, present and future.
— Patrick Carroll, Teacher, Shaw Wood Academy (UK)
It’s really good! We recently used Google with the headsets, which was similar, but this is far more interactive and has more on it. The children could spend hours exploring independently and learn so much!
— Vittoria Stockdale, Head of PSHE, Werrington School (UK)
A remarkable digital story experience, and one I will be sharing with other teachers.
— Lisa Fish, Teacher and Blogger (USA)
I would recommend this to all teachers who want to teach 21st Century Skills.
— Olli Vallo, Education Expert, Kokoa Standard (Finland)
A fantastic resource showing how a community has dealt with gender inequalities to ensure a harmonious community. An ideal resource to use with KS2/3, especially for International Women’s Day.
— Elizabeth Ekers, Teacher, Randal Cremer School (UK)
These experiences tap into every aspect of the PSHE curriculum in a diverse and unique way. They allow us to experience another culture from the comfort of our own computer. Each experience is inspiring, emotional and challenging, and I look forward to seeing the impact these experiences have on our students.
— Jennifer Chapman, Head of PSHE, Ongar Academy (UK)
An engaging and thought-provoking resource to help connect students to the wider world. Enables students to explore issues in: Citizenship, PSHE, Geography and Literacy in a meaningful way.
— Shona Douthwaite, Teacher, Buxton School (UK)
Astoundingly beautiful and important. Rare to find a resource of this quality and heart.
— Sarah Siggins, Teacher, Surrey Square School (UK)