Dinnertime 360

DinnerTime 360 is an immersive interactive documentary and Virtual Reality experience, where audiences are invited to an intimate dinner experience with three hospitable families from different cultural backgrounds.

Viewers are welcomed to explore their hosts’ homes in 360 degrees; click on the people in the images to watch compelling personal stories of the family members, offering a glimpse into their lives; learn how to make the delicious food on offer with entertaining recipe videos and rich media; and to take part as the dinner guest in VR.

The learning material in a nutshell:

  • A 360° and Virtual Reality experience for desktops, tablets and Samsung Gear VR headsets.

  • 3 short documentary films, each telling a story about one of the family members.

  • 9 food recipes presented as interactive rich media stories and short videos allowing students to try different food recipes at school or at home.

  • A fun language game allows students to learn how to say common expressions in different languages. (Available in autumn 2017).

  • Comprehensive teacher guide with activities, lesson plans and discussion guides for K-12 schools.(Available in autumn 2017).