3 steps to get lyfta for free

1.  Please register for the GLP here. Your login details will be emailed to you shortly after you register. (1 minute)

2. Log in to your new GLP account (here) and complete the WSA questionnaire (here). (10 minutes)

3. Once that's done, please choose a webinar slot that suits you from here.  (1 minute)

Once you or a member of your team has completed the webinar, the whole school will have access to Lyfta for 12 months!
Please email us if you have any questions or require assistance, on [email protected]


We build immersive experiences, usable on computers, tablets and VR headsets, so children can explore fascinating places and meet interesting people from around the world. Lyfta's learning experiences are carefully linked to the National Curriculum to satisfy KS2 and KS3 learning objectives through a series of lesson plans designed by British and Finnish teachers and education experts. Our resources cover topics such as English/Literacy, Citizenship, PSHE, Geography, RE, Media Studies and Art - and are great for fostering 21st century skills, global awareness and empathy.


We'd like to introduce the Global Learning Programme (GLP) in England. The GLP is one of the most valuable initiatives available to English schools today. Over 6,500 schools have already registered, and this amazing government-funded initiative is coming to an end in a few months time (registration deadline in March). Registered schools can access up to £500-worth of e-credits* that they can spend on any GLP-approved CPD on completion of a short online questionnaire (called the Whole School Audit). As well as e-credits,* GLP schools also receive support as part of a national network, free resources, and curriculum and subject guidance. For more information, please email [email protected]  


At Lyfta we absolutely love the Global Learning Programme and everything it stands for, so we have put together a great offer to encourage schools to sign up. If you register for the GLP and spend your e-credits* on Lyfta's immersive learning webinar (which can be taken by one or more members of staff, at no additional cost), we will give your school full-access, for every teacher and child, to our suite of learning resources for a year. That's over 90 lessons of high-quality, engaging content and curriculum focused lesson plans.

*The Global Learning Programme (GLP) is funded by the UK government. All schools can join the programme, but funding is only available to Key Stages 2 and 3 in state schools in England. The GLP in England (GLP-E) is managed by a consortium of partners: Pearson (lead), Geographical Association, UCL Institute of Education, Oxfam UK, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), SSAT and Think Global. Please note that only schools in England can register for this offer. Schools in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can register for their respective programmes here, but do not have access to e-credits for CPD.
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