£1250 of premium resources for free

Lyfta combines Finnish and British excellence in pedagogy, design and storytelling to introduce one of the most exciting learning platforms available.

Most schools in England are eligible to get Lyfta's full suite of resources for FREE, via the
Global Learning Programme.

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Schools in England can get the full versions of The Awra Amba Experience, Dinnertime 360 and Secrets of the Opera without payment, by attending Lyfta’s Immersive Learning for 21st Century Skills CPD courses, which are offered around the country and online. The courses, which usually take an afternoon, are FREE for schools that register for the GLP and sign up using their 500 free e-credits.

To register:

1) Schools can register for the GLP here. It takes about a minute.

2) In order to be able to claim the e-credits, a member of staff will need to log in and fill out the WSA form, which takes around 10 minutes.

3) Once that's done, any member of staff can book and attend the CPD course for free. If you're not sure which date you would like to go on the course, you can sign up for our flexible online course here, and we'll be in touch about your preference.


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Any member of staff from the school can either attend a physical course on the day, connect remotely online, or opt to take the course online at a later date. If it's easier to attend for half a day, please let us know, and we can accommodate for that.

Participating schools will be given full school licenses for The Awra Amba Experience, Dinnertime 360 and Secrets of the Opera, along with our teacher guide, which includes lesson plans, activities and exercises in-line with the National Curriculum. 

If you need any help with this process, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to guide you.


Many thanks!


The Lyfta Team

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