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The Awra Amba Experience opens a door to the fascinating Ethiopian village community of Awra Amba. Students are invited to explore Awra Amba by selecting from 10 interactive 360° spaces on a map of the village, clicking on various multimedia and film content inside to learn about the everyday lives of the people living there and the philosophies of the community.

The Awra Amba Experience is an ideal tool for global learning and fostering values such as empathy and tolerance. Our pedagogical solutions are based on transversal key competences for lifelong learning and 21st century skills, using a phenomenon-based approach. The activities promote active learning, cooperation, growth mindset and information construction. The topics covered include gender equality, democracy, sustainability, education, entrepreneurship, health and more. The material is cross-curricular and covers essential contents of civics, ethics, and environmental studies.


The learning material in a nutshell:

  • A 360° and Virtual Reality experience of Awra Amba, available on desktops, tablets and VR headsets.

  • Featuring 10 interactive spaces and over 1 hour of high quality multimedia content, including 11 short films, 11 rich media articles, infographics, manifestos and voice guides to explore.

  • Comprehensive teacher's guide developed for the Finnish and British primary and secondary national curricula, including 22 lessons of ready-to-use teaching material, such as lesson plans, content creation activities and assessments.

  • Touches on 11 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Available in English and Finnish (Swedish coming soon).