Enaney’s story

In this film, Enaney tells us about Awra Amba’s past and how they decided to reject food aid, despite being on the brink of starvation. She explains that Awra Amba opted to develop independently, using their humble weaving business as a platform to grow, which has helped them transform into the thriving social enterprise that they are today.

Lyfta workshop participants have access to an array of lesson and assembly plans that our education team have made for use with the content. Participants are also asked to build their own lesson/assembly plans during their Lyfta CPD sessions - which includes introducing a broader picture of Ethiopia today (with photos, videos and articles from the internet). 

Please note that the short documentary film above is only a small part of the Lyfta experience. Each Lyfta storyworld includes immersive, interactive 360 degree environments that children can explore, to find infographics, rich media articles and a human stories (short documentary films). There are currently 25 immersive stories on the platform, with 10 more due to be added by the end of 2019.

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