Enaney’s story

Discover how the villagers of Awra Amba went from starvation to self-sufficiency. Explore how the famine affected the people of Awra Amba and why they came to reject food aid.

Listen to Enaney explain how Zumra made the first weaving machine and kickstarted the villagers' journey to independence through entrepreneurship. Building a successful social enterprise requires many people and strong commitments, not least of which is the determination to "work together to cross difficult bridges."

Please click here to download our Awra Amba Experience teacher guide, which includes a lesson plan featuring Enaney’s story and many others.

Please click here to download the Awra Amba Experience assembly plans, featuring Enaney’s story and others.

Participants will be guided to build their own lesson/assembly plans during our webinar. 

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