Hossein’s story

Meet Hossein. He's not just one of the oldest people in Awra Amba, he's one of the happiest. Find out why.

Discover what his life is like and compare it with the lives of other older people. Do you think Hossein's wish that his way of life could be available for all elderly people, could come true? What would it take to make this happen?

Please click here to download our Awra Amba Experience teacher guide, which includes a lesson plan featuring Hossein’s story and many others.

Please click here to download the Awra Amba Experience assembly plans, featuring Hossein’s story and others.

Participants will be guided to build their own lesson/assembly plans during our webinar. 

Important note:

This page was made for Lyfta’s British Council CPD proposal review process. Please note that the short documentary film above is only a small part of the Lyfta experience, which also includes interactive 360 degree environments that children can explore, infographics and rich media articles.

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