Zumra’s story

Discover what happened when Awra Amba was surrounded by hostile neighbours threatening to kill them. Why was religion at the root of this threatened attack? How did Zumra find a way to avoid bloodshed?

See how the villagers are spreading the belief in the power of faith and peace. In Awra Amba God is honoured not in churches or mosques but in good deeds and through hard work. The villagers have found fresh ways to show their belief that God exists and is everywhere. "We show our faith through our actions."

Please click here to download our Awra Amba Experience teacher guide, which includes a lesson plan featuring Zumra’s story and many others.

Please click here to download the Awra Amba Experience assembly plans, featuring Zumra’s story and others.

Participants will be guided to build their own lesson/assembly plans during our webinar. 

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