Lyfta is conducting a formal study with Maria Carrasco and the University of Oulu in Finland, about the effects of VR learning environments on reading for children with dyslexia.

Please, fill in the short form below if you would like to collaborate with us.

We are looking for host schools around England and Wales (i.e. the South of England, London, the Midlands, the North, and Wales). 

Our aim is to work with 5 host schools, where we would like to be stationed for a day (in each school), with around 10 children visiting from other schools in the area. 

The schools should be easily accessible for pupils who may travel from other schools. Please get in touch if you feel that your school can act as a hub in your area and you can lend us a classroom for a day.

We are looking for 50 pupils, aged 10-14 for whom English is a first language, who have dyslexia. The pupils should be academically able, but have difficulty with reading out loud. If there is a child in your school who you feel matches this profile, please discuss this idea with their parents and let us know if they’re happy to be part of the study.

We are looking for support/advice: in order to be able to conduct the research in a timely manner, Lyfta has agreed to pay for the costs of the study (including equipment costs, flights from Finland, travel and accommodation around England and Wales). As Lyfta is a start-up, with very limited funds, our budget is relatively small, so we would appreciate any support (e.g. with schools hosting us, or from foundations/organisations who may be able to help with funding).

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