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At Lyfta, we believe that real-life human stories are a powerful tool for learning and provide great potential to inspire and empower a new generation of globally aware, empathetic change-makers.

Lyfta is a subscription-based digital platform where teachers and pupils can access stunning immersive storyworlds and curriculum-based lesson plans. Lyfta brings to life abstract concepts in an exciting and engaging way so that children can understand what different things mean and how they work in real life.

We call for complete non-fiction (documentary) films between 2 to 7 minutes in duration for consideration to be included on our educational platform.

The selected films will be offered a distribution agreement for 10 years of global distribution exclusively for educational purposes, for a license fee of 500 euros (+V.A.T when applicable).


Submission criteria for the films:

  • A compelling, human character-led non-fiction story.

  • Duration: 2-7 minutes.

  • Year of production: 2015 - 2018

  • Format: at least HD video quality with stereo sound (important: all dialogue must be auditively understandable).

  • The submitter must possess global distribution rights for the film.

  • Global distribution rights for educational use must be available.

  • The submitted preview of the film must have either English subtitles or English language dialogue.

Submission deadline: Friday, November 30th 2018

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Name of submitter
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