This page is designed to clarify:

1. How the Global Learning Programme (GLP) can help your school deliver quality global learning.

2. What Lyfta’s association with the GLP is. 

3. How schools can register and take advantage of the range of benefits the GLP offers.

If you already know about the GLP and have decided that you would like to use your e-credits to take Lyfta’s course and platform offer, you can click here for a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

What is the Global Learning Programme and how can my
school benefit?

The Global Learning Programme (GLP) is a government-funded initiative that aims to support schools to deliver high quality global learning. The GLP provides support through: 

  • Global Learning Expert Centres (i.e. local hubs for schools to join and work with)
  • A range of free CPD courses and resources
  • Free e-credits. English state schools who register for the Global Learning Programme and fill out the WSA Questionnaire, receive 500 e-credits, which they can use on CPD courses from a number of approved providers.

How is Lyfta connected to the GLP?

Lyfta (formerly known as Write This Down) is a registered provider of GLP-approved CPD courses. This means that schools can use the e-credits they receive to attend Lyfta’s CPD course (either a short webinar or online course). The course is 60 minutes long and shows teachers how to embed quality global learning using Lyfta’s award-winning content and curriculum-based lesson and assembly plans.


Does this include a subscription for Lyfta’s platform and content?

Yes, a full subscription for the whole school. To incentivise our CPD course, we have packaged it with a free 12-month subscription to Lyfta’s platform, with no strings attached – ie. no payment, no contract, and no obligation to subscribe after 12 months.


What are the other CPD courses on offer and do they come with similar resources?

Schools can choose to use their e-credits on a range of CPD courses, which can be found on the CPD calendar on the GLP website. These include workshops, conferences and online courses.


What do I do if I want to register for the GLP and choose Lyfta’s offer?

If you are interested in registering for the GLP and taking advantage of Lyfta’s offer, please see the instructions at the bottom of the page or click here for a quick step-by-step guide.

What will it cost after the 12-month free period? 

Over the course of the free year, all headteachers from schools that use Lyfta will be consulted to advise us on how much they feel the subscription should cost, so that we can set a price that is reasonable for state-funded UK schools.


More information about the Global Learning Programme:

  • The GLP is funded by the UK government.
  • All schools can join the programme, but funding is only available to Key Stages 2 and 3 in state schools in England.
  • The GLP in England (GLP-E) is managed by a consortium of partners: Pearson (lead), Geographical Association, UCL Institute of Education, Oxfam UK, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), SSAT and Think Global.
  • The GLP is free and doesn’t commit schools to attending a particular course.
  • There are a range of courses on offer in the CPD Calendar. Please look at these before booking with a provider.
  • The GLP is independent from the courses delivered by providers (such as Lyfta).
  • If you do not wish to attend a course you do not have to cancel your registration for the GLP.
  • The GLP is creating networks of schools, and that schools can join a local network led by an Expert Centre.
  • The Expert Centre will deliver free CPD network sessions, which can be complemented by further GLP-approved CPD delivered by third-party providers through the use of e-credits.*

New schools are recommended to:


Please see below for a step-by-step guide on how to register your school for the GLP and receive e-credits.

1. You can register your school for the GLP herePlease confirm your account by clicking the link in the email you receive from the GLP. 

Once registered, please log in and fill in the WSA Questionnaire to receive your 500 free e-credits.

You can check the GLP calendar to see the range of CPD courses on offer.

2. If you would like to take Lyfta's webinar and get a free subscription to Lyfta's platform, please choose a Lyfta webinar that suits your schedule, from here

Any member of staff from the school can take the short webinar online. 

If you need any help with this process, please email us at and we’ll be happy to guide you. 

You can also purchase Lyfta's resources directly, without registering for the GLP. Our subscription fee is £1250 for the whole suite, for 12 months.