State-funded KS2 & KS3 schools and academies in England can benefit from a number of high quality CPD and resources for free, through a government-funded initiative called the Global Learning Programme (GLP).

Schools who decide to use their free GLP e-credits to take one of Lyfta's webinars, get a 12-month subscription to Lyfta's award-winning platform and educational content, for free (i.e. no payment, no contract, and no obligation to renew).

This page is designed to make it easy for you to register your school for the Global Learning Programme (GLP) and take advantage of Lyfta’s offer. We invite you to first read about what the GLP is and the full range of benefits it can offer your school.

Please follow the 3 easy steps below to register your school for the GLP to get your free e-credits.

**Please note: e-credits must be spent before the 29th of March!**

1.       Register for the Global Learning Programme, here.
Please confirm your account by clicking the link in the email you receive from the GLP.

2.       Log in and fill out the WSA Questionnaire, which is available here once logged in.

*This step is REALLY IMPORTANT, as your school will only receive e-credits when this form has been completed.*

3.       To take Lyfta’s offer, please select a webinar that suits your schedule from here
          Any member of staff from the school can take the short webinar online. 


This process does not require any payment and there is no obligation to subscribe to Lyfta once the free period is over. 

If you need any help regarding Lyfta's offer, please email us at

If you would like to ask questions about the Global Learning Programme, please contact the GLP on:

You can also purchase Lyfta's resources directly, without registering for the GLP. Visit our Pricing [linkki] section for the latest features.