Lyfta has been awarded 92% by Finnish Education Standards Body

Helsinki-based Kokoa Standard, a collective of teachers and education experts, conducted a detailed independent evaluation process which measures the educational quality of an edtech solution and examines how effectively it supports learning.

The evaluation breaks down Lyfta’s activities into learning goals, analyses the pedagogical approach including the learner’s role, and evaluates the user experience and usability of the platform.

The 61-page report, which you can download by clicking the button below, gives detailed feedback on the strengths and areas for development of Lyfta’s platform. These areas for development have been incorporated into the design and build of Lyfta 2.0, which will be released as a free update in October this year.

The report covers areas such as:
> Subject/Topic coverage
> Life and career
> Learning and innovation
> Information and technology

According to Kokoa Education Standard evaluation, Lyfta represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently. You can read the comprehensive evaluation report by clicking here.

Lyfta also received an excellent 4.3/5 for Learning Engagement, which was broken down into the following areas:
> Autonomy
> Competence
> Relatedness
> Safety
> Stimulation
> Respect

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