Secrets of the Opera welcomes you to a visual feast of the fascinating spaces and people who work behind the scenes at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. 1500 extraordinary professionals work here to construct massive art projects for audiences. Discover how the art is all about human stories, innovative problem solving, and creative collaboration. Visit places you have never seen and meet the humans who make it all possible.

The material is a perfect resource for arts, crafts, performing arts and music teaching. However, it also readily lends itself to mathematics, civics, and PSHE lessons, for example. Students have a fun, explorative experience of different aspects of the Opera and Ballet, while learning about the culture, professions and life choices of the people who work there.


The learning material in a nutshell:

  • A 360° experience for desktops and tablets.

  • 9 ‘behind the scenes’ 360° spaces inside the Opera house with 36 pieces of high quality, engaging content, including stunning short films, photo stories, interactive games and fun facts about the performers, set designers, shoe-makers, painters etc.

  • Comprehensive teacher's guide developed for the Finnish and British primary and secondary national curricula, including 22 lessons of ready-to-use teaching material, such as lesson plans, content creation activities and assessments.

  • Touches on 4 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Available in English and Finnish (Swedish coming soon).