A selection of films featuring women from Ethiopia, Finland and the West Bank (Palestine).

In this film, Enaney, a strong and articulate tour guide from the village, tells us about Awra Amba’s past and how they decided to reject food aid, despite being on the brink of starvation. She explains that Awra Amba opted to develop independently, using their humble weaving business as a platform to grow, which has helped them transform into the thriving social enterprise that they are today.

There is no distinction between women’s work and men’s work in Awra Amba. In this film three women and three men from the village, who all work in roles traditionally performed by the opposite sex, share their thoughts on gender equality.

Melkiye sits on the board of the Executive Committee, one of the 13 democratically elected committees in Awra Amba. She invites us to a weekly meeting and explains how the community ensures that everyone has a voice in their collective decision-making.
In the school, we meet 18-year old Tsehaynesh, who has moved to Awra Amba from a neighbouring village, in order to turn a new leaf and continue her education. Tsehaynesh had to fight to annul her marriage, into which she was forced against her will, as a child. The community have given her a home, protection and access to high school education, so she can pursue her dreams.