Lyfta is a computer and tablet based platform where teachers and pupils can explore immersive, human-focused documentary stories from around the world.

Lyfta's cross-curricular approach to learning is perfect for KS2 and KS3. The school package includes 25 immersive, interactive stories designed to broaden pupils' horizons, over 90 lesson plans, and 25 assembly plans - covering 11 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Teach Global Awareness through interactive exploration of real 360-degree environments from around the world. 

Nurture Empathy and Understanding for people from all walks of life, through powerful short documentaries.

Provide Hope and Aspiration through inspiring human stories, featuring a diverse array of people who have worked hard to overcome obstacles and succeed against the odds.

Share the Power of Community and Togetherness through real stories about teams and communities, as well as collaborative exercises and projects for pupils to work on.


Lyfta was Finland's official nomination for the Education and Learning category of the UN-affiliated World Summit Awards - which we went on to win! Lyfta was also selected by as one of the 100 most inspiring innovations in education in the world.

You can see what teachers, headteachers and education experts have said about us, here.



Lyfta is designed to make it easier for teachers to delve into complex themes and topics that can be difficult to introduce and teach.

Please see a list of the themes covered in our lesson and assembly plans.



Lyfta's learning resources include online self-assessments, which schools can use to track how pupils develop. Schools that have been using Lyfta in low-diversity parts of the UK and Finland have seen a positive change in pupils' attitudes towards people from different cultural backgrounds.



English state schools who register for the government-funded Global Learning Programme (GLP) and fill out the multiple choice WSA Questionnaire receive 500 free e-credits, which they can use on CPD courses from a number of approved providers.

Schools who decide to use their e-credits to take one of Lyfta's CPD courses (either the short webinar or the online course), get a 12-month subscription to Lyfta's award-winning platform and educational content, for free (i.e. no payment, no contract, and no obligation to renew).

This page is designed to make it easy for you to register your school for the GLP and take advantage of Lyfta’s offer. Please read our GLP FAQ page to find out the full range of benefits the programme can offer your school.

3 easy steps to register for the Global Learning Programme and get Lyfta for your school using free e-credits:

  1. Register for the Global Learning Programme, here. If you are already registered and have trouble logging in, please email us (
  2. Log in to your GLP account and fill out the multiple choice WSA Questionnaire, which is available here once logged in.
  3. Please select a Lyfta webinar that suits your schedule, from here. Your Lyfta account will be activated during the webinar (which can be taken by yourself and/or other colleagues from your school). Webinars will be run daily in April and May.

This process does not require any payment and there is no obligation to subscribe to Lyfta once the free period is over. 
If you need any help regarding Lyfta's offer, please email us at