Give your students the chance to explore the personal homes and workplaces of inspiring people from around the world, where they can see crucial values and life skills in action. Whether that’s seeing the resilience that’s required to make it as a makeup artist at the ballet, or challenging stereotypes through the story of a female teenage weightlifter, your students will get a unique insight into the diverse and complex stories that make up real life.


Lyfta will help to:

  • Broaden your students' horizons with inspiring human stories from around the world
  • Normalise diversity, promote cultural understanding and reduce intolerance
  • Challenge and break harmful stereotypes
  • Teach 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, social & cross-cultural skills
  • Foster values such as empathy, compassion and kindness
  • Build and nurture positive character traits, such as determination, self-awareness and open mindedness

Lyfta shares real, human stories in immersive interactive environments

From as little as ₤2 per pupil, your school can have...

  • Whole school access to Lyfta's online platform and content until August 2019
  • Offline apps for Windows/MAC/iPad/Android
  • Access to Awra Amba's 360 (degree symbol which I cant find) virtual reality app
  • Over 80 cross-curricular lesson plans for KS2 and KS3
  • Guide for delivering Lyfta to KS1 and SEND
  • 25 X Assembly Plans
  • Webinar for up to 3 members of staff (compulsory for at least one)

Lyfta changes the way students see the world, by enabling them to step into immersive real life stories, where they can explore new places and connect with powerful human experiences on computers, tablets and virtual reality headsets.

Your students haven’t seen anything like this.


See how you can open up the world, and bring it into your classroom.