Lyfta storyworld: The Island Biologist - Spain

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Meet marine biologist Paula, researching ocean bird populations off the coast of Galicia, northern Spain. In this storyworld, students will experience the sights and sounds of this remote island in 360° and learn about the amazing shearwater bird species who live there. Students will discover how the ocean is critical for all life on Earth and consider the ways we can protect the planet’s biggest ecosystem; our one ocean.
The Island Biologist - Lyfta storyworld trailer

Bird's eye view

In this storyworld we explore 360° spaces and soundscapes on the remote Galician Atlantic Islands where Paula works with her team. Students will be introduced to Paula, a marine biologist whose passion for the sea and studying seabirds is in her blood! From a very young age Paula's dad, a sailor, taught her about the different species of seabirds - this fueled her yearning to pursue a career to truly understand these creatures.

"It wasn't just about observation, but the why. I wanted to do it in a deeper way."


Nesting season

On the island, equipped with binoculars and telescopes, we find Paula and her team searching in between large rocks for the nests of the shearwater bird species. These birds spend most of their time at sea, only visiting land to build their nests and lay eggs.
The team also have a secret weapon to help them locate the bird nests - they can imitate bird calls! While Paula admits that it doesn't always work, it's a great skill to have.

"On these islands the human impact is limited, so it's where we can find these species more easily.."

Paula on the remote island
Paula on the remote island

Safeguarding seabirds

On a much sombre note, Paula shares the current plights threatening seabirds and their numbers. From climate change impacting migratory patterns, to pollution of the seas, seabirds' ocean homes are in dire need of our protection.
As the film draws to a close, we get a closer look at the beautiful, shearwater birds in their nests at night. As the team, armed with head torches, navigate the coastline in the dark of night we hear the echo of a shearwater bird's unique call.

"Indeed, life originated in the oceans, so protecting them is inherently linked to safeguarding life itself"

Observing seabirds
Observing seabirds

A Island Biologist at a glance

Rich media articles covering:

  • Shearwater birds
  • Ocean literacy
  • An interview with the filmmaker

Lesson and assembly plans to be included with this storyworld:

Careers Work Digital Skills
Character & Values
Character Education
Cultural Capital
Earth Day
Global Learning
Human Stories
Immersive Learning
Sustainability & Global Citizenship
Sustainable Development Goals