As part of the Lyfta subscription, schools get access to a range of CPD courses designed to enhance teacher confidence across the school.

Watch a Lyfta Live Lesson for free

We regularly broadcast free live lessons which are delivered by our qualified teachers at Lyfta. Classes from all over the country connect via a Zoom link and watch a Lyfta lesson modelled for them, often about topical themes and subjects. The feedback for live lessons has been overwhelmingly positive. This is a great way for teachers to see how engaging and valuable Lyfta lessons can be, while they watch and participate with their students. No planning or marking required!

Professional Development

We provide a series of pre-recorded courses that teachers can complete flexibly to improve classroom practice and school culture. We provide the following three courses to subscribed schools:
Asking Quality Questions with Lyfta

This course examines how to plan for effective questions and how you can elicit deep and critical thinking from students. The course includes a range of classroom strategies to assess the understanding of all students in a class.

Assessment for Learning and Lyfta

This course explores the ways Lyfta supports assessment for learning opportunities in the classroom. This course also provides a wide range of classroom strategies to assess your students' learning.

Lyfta, Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning

This course examines ways to use Lyfta to nurture metacognitive thinking in your students. This course provides a useful distinction between the terms "metacognition" and "self-regulated learning" along with a range of classroom strategies to promote these areas.

Please select your preferred option. We will send you the course materials via email.

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