Case Studies

We are proud of the incredible impact our teacher community has achieved with their students through use of Lyfta. A selection of case studies are available below.

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Spring Partnership Trust

Spring Partnership Trust in south London are taking a pedtech approach to broadening students’ horizons by combining oracy-based learning tools from Voice 21 (the national oracy charity) and Lyfta’s powerful immersive stories. The two resources have been highly impactful and worked brilliantly well together. Read more here.

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Lampard community special school

Lampard Community School is a special school situated in Devon which caters for children aged 5-16 with complex needs, all of whom have speech, language, communication and interaction needs (SLCN) and are working significantly below age related expectations. Read more here.

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Transformational Impact Bett Award Winners 2023

We are thrilled that Lyfta has won the prestigious Bett Award 2023 for Transformational Impact, selected from a category full of brilliant nominees! The awards recognise the best and most innovative products and services that are helping to transform education and improve learning outcomes in schools. Read more here.

Open laptop showing Lyfta lesson plans

Widening students’ experience of the world at Pontefract Academies Trust.

Tom Fay, Director of School Improvement at Pontefract Academies Trust tells us about the journey the Trust is on with Lyfta, how they are implementing the platform and the impact they have seen so far. Read more here.

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Jess Theisinger, Head of School at Foxborough Primary School talks about her experience with Lyfta

Foxborough Primary School, a small one-form entry school (part of the Pioneer Educational Trust) has focused on making Lyfta a shared expereince across the school. They use it to bring to life their school values, build awareness of different people and places and challenge sterotypes. Read more here.

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Amy Newland shares how Lyfta supports the curriculum, learning and engagement

Shaw Primary School in Essex recently shared with us how Lyfta has been used to support their curriculum and their students’ learning in many ways. One of the school’s key aims has been to use the Lyfta platform for supporting and responding to the diversity needs of the school, to build a stronger sense of different ways of living and succeeding in the world. Read more here.

Open laptop showing Lyfta lesson plans

Dan Morrow - CEO at Dartmoor Multi Academy explores cultural capital

In this moving presentation Dan talks about his personal experience of the impact a lack of access to cultural capital can have and shares the impact use of Lyfta has had in in his trust in making cultural capital a curriculum entitlement for all. Read more here.

Michael Brothwood from Djanogly Sherwood Academy sharing his experience of Lyfta at MATPN Midlands 2022

A timeline of the last 12 months using Lyfta at Djanogly Sherwood Academy and within the wider Trust. He shows the transformation in the school, from encouraging young people to care for the environment, to inspiring them to participate in daily mile and more. Read more here.

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Cradle Hill Primary: using Lyfta to help young learners connect with the world around them

Sarah Eddie, year 5 teacher at Cradle Hill Primary School, talks about how she has been using Lyfta to encourage pupils to develop global citizenship skills and learn to appreciate different cultures and ways of life. Read more here.

Giving all children the opportunity to experience the ‘bigger, brighter, beautiful world’

Jeremy Hannay - Headteacher at Three Bridges Primary school talks about why he is passionate about Lyfta and what it offers for his students who don’t always have the opportunity to experience the wider world.

Upton Court Grammar School

Upton Court Grammar School have been using Lyfta to expand students’ horizons and help them understand others better. This year 10 student introduces us to the word ‘sonder’ and why she loves Lyfta’s purpose. Read more here.

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Broadening horizons across a whole MAT using Lyfta

Schools across Leo Academy Trust have been using Lyfta to support pupil outcomes, which include active citizenship, collaboration and leadership. This blog takes an in-depth look at what Lyfta learning has looked like in classrooms across the Trust and the impact they are seeing with use of the platform. Read more here.

Engaging, exciting learning for younger students

Younger learners find Lyfta a fun and exciting way to learn about the world. Listen to these year 2 students talking about why they enjoy lessons using the platform, and why they made a song for Lyfta.

Using Lyfta at KS1 at Three Bridges Primary School

Teachers at Three Bridges Primary School have found innovative ways to bring global understanding and empathy-building into the curriculum with KS1, especially in subjects like RE and science, through digital immersive storytelling. Read more here.

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Bringing diversity into the classroom

Cradle Hill Community Primary School is a large school in the coastal town of Seaford, East Sussex. With little ethnic or racial diversity in the pupil population at the school, teachers wanted to use Lyfta as a way of to bring diversity into the classroom to support the school’s ethos around the importance of global learning and empathy. Read more here.

What children think of Lyfta

Hear what children from across the UK have to say about Lyfta.

“It taught us in a good way that we would remember it - and understand it as well”

“We come back and we see that Lyfta is on. Everyone sort of goes ‘yes!’”

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Global learning at Djanogly Sherwood Academy

The Lyfta team attended a Global Goals day at Djanogly Sherwood Academy and met some of the staff and pupils in the spring term of 2022. In this blog post we share some of the impactful ways global learning is being enhanced at the school with Lyfta. Read more here.

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Inspiring Healthy Living with Youth Sport Trust

Lyfta worked in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust to create a scheme of work for PE teachers and sports leads which used our storyworlds to teach students how to live healthily. In this blog, we review the impact of this project on students and teachers. Read more here.

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Creating a sustainable school with St Laurence C of E Primary

We hear from a primary school in Nottingham who used Lyfta resources and some innovative planning to bring sustainability to life across the whole school during the covid-19 pandemic. Read more here

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An assembly on perseverance at Brookfield Primary Academy

Lyfta’s immersive storyworlds provide an ideal basis for planning assemblies that inspire pupils with meaningful discussion around positive values. Brookfield Primary Academy share how they delivered an effective assembly on perseverance for Year 5. Read more here.

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Belong, explore and succeed with Lyfta at Warden Hill Primary School

Warden Hill Primary School shares how they are using Lyfta to focus on their values to ‘belong, explore and succeed’. The assistant headteacher shares how he delivered a very successful lesson with his 10 and 11 year old students. Read more here.

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Helping students deal with change

As part of our series of blogs looking at impact in Lyfta global education schools, we hear from Brooklands Farm Primary School who saw an opportunity to use Lyfta to approach the personal, learning and conceptual challenge of ‘dealing with change’ faced by students. Read more here.

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Using Lyfta for global learning and the SDGs

Paddock Secondary School is a mixed, community special school in Wandsworth, London. The vision and values of the school put community very much at its heart. They were inspired to develop more global learning work at the school using Lyfta and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework. Read more here.

Building empathy and understanding

Here is how one teacher at a school with very little cultural diversity in the classroom, effectively used Lyfta to challenge student attitudes.

The teacher was able to start an important conversation with her students around difference, bias, diversity and more. She was able to provide them with an impactful and engaging experience, which will have a lasting effect.

Lyfta for children with SEND

If you had asked Helena Morrissey, an assistant headteacher at Elms Bank Specialist Arts College a year ago, whether she thought her pupils - all of whom are on the autistic spectrum - would be watching foreign documentaries and reading subtitles, she admits that she would have laughed at the idea. But thanks to several factors inherent in the Lyfta experience, this is indeed what happened at Elms Bank School.

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Lyfta during lockdown

Between 20 March and July 2020, when schools were closed for a majority of students in the UK, more than 5,000 Lyfta lessons/assemblies were launched, engaging tens of thousands of children from primary, secondary and special education schools.

During this period, Lyfta trained 800 new teachers to use the Lyfta platform to deliver remote learning. Lyfta's unique immersive learning experiences helped thousands of children to broaden their horizons and see new realities during lockdown.

PSHE impact

Jennifer Chapman, PSHE co-ordinator, speaks about the impact Lyfta had on the students in her classroom.

She tells us about one child in particular who realised through the learning experience, how important it is to get to know someone before you judge them.

Global learning with Lyfta

How a school passionate about global citizenship used Lyfta to broaden horizons and ensure students consider their place in the world beyond their own town and country.

“It’s awesome, in a word. Being able to instantly teleport yourself to halfway across the world while staying on the same spot and see how things are for real.”

Children love Lyfta!

We are always delighted to hear from students using Lyfta and how they have been impacted by their experience. 86% of children asked reported that they ‘loved’ their Lyfta sessions, with the other 14% saying they ‘liked’ them. Hear how Lyfta can foster curiosity, empathy and critical thinking in the classroom.

"It's absolutely amazing, you could get lost in a completely other world."

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