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Upton Court Grammar school in Berkshire have been incorporating Lyfta sessions into the school curriculum as part of their mission to ensure all students thrive on an intrapersonal, interpersonal, societal and global level. Through the use of Lyfta, their students are able to virtually experience an array of different cultures and perspectives from around the world and have the opportunity to see and connect with a range of positive human stories modelling resilience, problem-solving, teamwork and many other critical skills, values and competences.

Upton Court Grammar School

Upton Court Grammar School (UCGS) in Berkshire is a selective co-ed academy of about 1,110 students aged between 11 and 18.  The school is a member of Pioneer Educational Trust with a curriculum that aims to fully support students in becoming future global changemakers.

The curriculum provides rich, transformative learning experiences that equip UCGS students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will be needed to take on and thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

"Lyfta provides the context, it provides the perspectives, the different cultures that students need knowledge and understanding about."

Oliver King
Headteacher, Upton Court Grammar School
Upton Court Grammar School's use of Lyfta
How UCGS use Lyfta

UCGS have been incorporating Lyfta sessions into the school curriculum to support their mission: ‘to ensure all students fulfil their academic and personal aspirations and thrive on an intrapersonal, interpersonal, societal and global level.’ 

Lyfta is also seen to support the school’s values and associated Ad Astra activity programme.

"One of the ways that we use Lyfta is not only by presenting a different story from a different country and a different culture, but then to talk about it, to use oracy skills to be able to debate."

"If we are serious about preparing the next generation to tackle the challenges of the 21st century, we need to be, then it is essential that we prepare students, and give them the experiences and the diverse perspectives that a traditional school possibly didn't have."

Mark Pritchard
Former headteacher, Upton Court Grammar School

In addition to the weekly pastoral programme, students attended a societal level thriving drop-down day planned and delivered collaboratively by Lyfta and school students and staff. The day supported students to consider how by committing to change, they can engage in active citizenship and have a significant impact on the lives of others. In these drop-down days, the entire school visited a bespoke lesson around desertification in China, and one man’s mission to plant ‘One billion trees’. Year 12s explored this storyworld as part of an exercise designed to help them reflect upon and articulate their involvement in societal level change actions in the past.

"Lyfta helps teachers nurture the global citizens of tomorrow and supports the school’s mission to support students to become future global changemakers. Our ultimate aim is for every student to have visited every single country through the Lyfta platform by the time they leave school, providing them with a comprehensive and unique perspective of the way different people live across the world"

Oliver King
Headteacher Upton Court Grammar School

After using Lyfta throughout the school for two terms, students were invited to give their feedback on Lyfta sessions.

  • 76% of students said they felt confident to talk about the learning gained from Lyfta, 90%+ of these gave examples of benefits (most mentioned: learning about other perspectives & cultures, expanding world knowledge)
  • Most frequent rating for categories of ‘personal development’ and ‘reflective skills’ was 8/10

It was clear from responses and from feedback from teaching staff that students felt they had learnt about other perspectives, cultures and how life is for others around the world.

They felt that Lyfta had helped them learn about the world and expand their world knowledge.

Students felt that Lyfta had enriched their personal development and reflective skills.

“I have seen other people actively trying to change the world and I can talk about it.”

“It is far enough out of your comfort zone to improve, but close enough that you can engage.”

“It was very interesting and helped me uncover some of my personal attributes that I needed to develop.”

"Some people, they look at other people and just dismiss them. Some people look at other people and want to know the story behind them. And Lyfta makes all of us the second kind of person."

Year 10 student
Year 10 student Upton Court Grammar School (with subtitles)

Students are very clear - they’re very confident about talking about their learning on Lyfta. They regularly talk about the different cultures, the perspectives that they’ve learnt.. not just that, they also talk about the skills base that they’ve gained.

Oliver King
Deputy Headteacher UCG

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