Unique, compelling and impactful teaching resources that will transform your school

Inspiring curriculum-aligned teaching resources that address diverse and topical issues.
Content featuring real people and situations that link to UN Sustainable Global Goals and the 9 protected characteristics.
Premium quality immersive content that students find highly engaging.
Make an impact
Schools using Lyfta have noticed an improved level of engagement and attendance. Join other innovative schools using our award-winning platform to transform teaching at your school.
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Embed and implement transformational change with minimal staff training needed to get started. Instantly enrich classroom discussions and make teaching in your school more impactful.
Save money
Getting started with Lyfta requires no new expensive technology. Speak to us about discounted subscription rates for schools and Multi Academy Trusts.
Staff training

Motivate and support teaching staff with our inspiring, highly-rated CPD training including a range of live webinars covering content, curriculum and pedagogy for subscribers. We also offer a range of pre-recorded training for all Lyfta users.

Cross-curricular resources

Teachers using Lyfta have instant access to a huge bank of high-quality teaching resources that can instantly enrich discussion and debate in the classroom. Real-life stories can be linked in a relatable way to subjects across the curriculum and to the UN Global Goals.

Broaden student minds

Our inspiring teaching resources introduce diverse human stories into the curriculum, challenging stereotypes and bringing different ways of life into view. Lyfta helps nurture students to become more empathetic and understanding members of society.

A truly brilliant resource to open minds and hearts to the world we live in. Invaluable. Lyfta really has been a lifeline this year- not a bolt on but a resource to enrich and enliven curriculum. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Dan Morrow
CEO, Dartmoor Academy Trust

Implementing Lyfta across The Challenge Academy Trust has had a transformative impact on both our students and teachers. It has broadened our students' global perspectives, nurtured empathy, and provided a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Andy Roberts
Assistant Headteacher, Bridgewater High

Join us to bring connection, understanding and belonging into every classroom.

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