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Welcome to Lyfta's storyworlds

Our storyworlds lift students out of their everyday surroundings with transformative opportunities to explore different countries, languages, cultures and lived human experiences from all around the world.

Inside every Lyfta storyworld you can interact with 360° spaces, rich media, soundscapes and powerful documentaries.
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Introduce diverse narratives and broaden horizons

Our award-winning storyworlds present people, places and perspectives from around the world to show diverse cultures and ways of life in an authentic and relatable way.

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Shift perspectives, build empathy and shape hearts and minds

A two year academic study has shown that using Lyfta reduces social anxiety around meeting people from different backgrounds and identities.

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Enrich your personal development and cultural capital curriculum

Bring the topics you are teaching to life with impactful learning experiences that will build character and foster a sense of belonging.

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Make lesson planning delightful

Our lovingly and expertly-made interactive resources link with all curriculum subjects so that you can start teaching with Lyfta on day one.

Teachers love using Lyfta in the classroom

"Lyfta has had a transformative impact across our school and trust.

It has broadened students' global perspectives, nurtured empathy, and provided a dynamic and engaging learning environment."

Andy Roberts
Assistant Headteacher,
Bridgewater High School

"In my entire time in education, I've never experienced something that immerses students into the learning so deeply. Lyfta has made learning three-dimensional.

There are also so many proxy benefits; Lyfta is helping students learn to read faster, to write for longer, and even to process mathematics for longer."

Tom Fay
Director of School Improvement,
Pontefract Academies Trust

"One of the ways we use Lyfta is presenting a different story from a different country and culture, then to talk about it - to use oracy skills, to debate, getting students to think critically, to investigate and take on challenges. To empathise and reflect on the stories they’re engaging with."

Flo Hardy
Upton Court Grammar School

"The children were so filled with wonder and then ideas for action and more learning."

Angela Stott
District Principal,
Gold Trail School District

"Lyfta hasn't just been a tool for delivering content; it has become a catalyst for personal development, fostering confidence and fluency in our students.

In January 2023, we achieved an Outstanding in Personal Development from Ofsted. We believe that our success in this area can be largely attributed to Lyfta."

Michael Brothwood
Assistant Headteacher,
Djanogly Sherwood Academy

"There is nothing else that allows you to do this. Lyfta is a game-changer."

Dr Jeremy Hannay
Three Bridges School

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Lyfta enhances the entire primary curriculum, building excitement to communicate while elevating children's understanding of values and deepening engagement with global topics.


Lyfta is powerful for personal development and across subjects like PSHE, English, Geography and Science while strengthening DEIB, sustainability and intercultural capital learning.

Oscar-quality human stories
Shown to increase motivation to write by 40%
Builds belonging across learning communities
Inspires action towards a better world
Brings to life all 17 United Nations Global Goals
Authentic representation of all UK protected characteristics
Proven to reduce anxiety around meeting new people
Live lessons and a thriving teacher community

Join us to bring connection, understanding and belonging into every classroom.

1,000+ multimedia resources
100+ themed collections
400+ instant lessons