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Stories for connection

Storyworlds are at the heart of Lyfta. Lyfta Storyworlds are immersive learning environments where you can interact with 360° spaces, soundscapes, rich media and inspiring, real human stories.
Group of students engaged

Boost student engagement

Lyfta engages students by lifting them out of their everyday surroundings, inviting them to explore the world. 94% of teachers say that students find Lyfta "engaging" or "very engaging". Lyfta boosts classroom engagement by connecting with students on an emotional level and sparking interesting discussions. Students are able to connect with real human stories introducing them to diverse cultures and perspectives which builds knowledge and cultural capital.

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Plan lessons quickly and easily

With our simple-to-use teacher platform you can access hundreds of high-quality, interactive lesson plans and assemblies on a wide range of themes. Search by curriculum subject, key stage, theme or by UN Sustainable Development Goal. Lesson and assembly plans can be easily adapted to make them bespoke for your school.

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Teach complex topics

Our storyworlds are a powerful way to introduce challenging topics to children such as loss, resilience, stereotypes and inequality. The positive human stories are a powerful tool to nurture character and values. Complex and abstract topics like sustainability and global citizenship are explained in an accessible and relatable way.

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Support learning in any class

Our student-friendly interface guides students through each lesson and supports a flexible range of teaching methods such as whole-class, face-to-face, blended, teacher-led, independent and remote learning. Students can access their lessons from school or home using a laptop, PC or Ipad.

Thousands of teachers are using Lyfta to deliver engaging lessons.

"Implementing Lyfta across Bridgewater High School & The Challenge Academy Trust has had a transformative impact on both our students and teachers. It has broadened our students' global perspectives, nurtured empathy, and provided a dynamic and engaging learning environment."

Andy Roberts
Assistant Headteacher, Bridgewater High School

Lyfta helps to meet so many aspects of the national curriculum, from the personal and social, to the ways in which we can help students engage with specific knowledge and content from history and geography to citizenship. If we are serious about preparing the next generation to tackle the challenges of the 21st century… it is essential that we prepare them and give them experiences and diverse perspectives

Mark Pritchard
Headteacher, Upton Court Grammar School

"Lyfta supports Collective Worship perfectly and is easy for teachers to access and deliver. It allows the children to visit places that they wouldn't normally visit and allows them to compare their life to others. It is extremely engaging with its use of videos, points of interest, sounds and panoramic views."

Jessie Barfield
RE Lead, St Matthew's CE Aided Primary School

“Lyfta has transformed the way that I am able to teach. The children LOVE it and it has sparked some extremely interesting discussions and debates in my classroom”

Dean Lynch
Strategic Leader & Class Teacher, Three Bridges Primary School

"Lyfta has inspired and engaged our children more than I thought possible from a single platform. One of the highlights of my week is running the Lyfta assembly where we all discuss the weeks Lyftatime and I get to hear their thoughts and views."

Michael Brothwood
Assistant Headteacher, Djanogly Sherwood Academy

"The pupils really enjoyed the immersive experience. They spoke openly about what they saw and were excited to share their comments and understanding. Their responses to the tasks set showed a brilliant level of consideration for the subject matter."

Elizabeth Urwin
Subject Leader, Morpeth Newminster Middle School

"There is nothing else that allows you to do this. Lyfta is a game-changer."

Dr Jeremy Hannay
Headteacher, Three Bridges School

How Lyfta works

Lyfta can be accessed through an internet-enabled desktop, laptop, Chromebook or iPad. Teachers can search for ready-made lessons or create their own, and can deliver lessons in two ways:
From the front of the class

Lessons can be delivered from the front of the class on a big screen or projector. This is the most popular method for getting started with Lyfta.

Direct to student devices

Lessons can also be delivered directly to students on individual computers or iPads, and can be set as homework if students have devices at home.

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