Lyfta storyworld: A Camel's Companion - Egypt

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Meet Mohamed who lives in the South Sinai desert of Egypt. Mohamed has had a deep connection and respect for camels since he was a child. In this storyworld students will experience stunning 360° scenes and soundscapes of the desert, will learn about camels, animals in tourism and can examine the diversity of modern-day Egypt through a photo gallery.
A Camel's Companion - Lyfta storyworld trailer

A calling

In this storyworld we meet Mohamed who refers to himself as a bedouin - someone who belongs to a tribe of desert-dwelling nomads. In the storyworld we see how at ease Mohamed is around his camels and learn that from a young age he has been drawn to them. Mohamed's camels are an important part of his life and he has now worked with camels for more than 12 years!

"If this is what makes you happy, then go for it. Follow your heart"


Tons of personality

As students get to know Mohamed more through the film and rich media, they will realise he has a very unique bond with his camels. He introduces us to his caravan of camels sharing that each member has a distinctive personality. In this storyworld we explore 360° scenes of Mohamed riding a camel through the desert with the caravan in tow. We even meet a new addition who he is still getting to know.
A camel in the South Sinai desert
A camel in the South Sinai desert

"Just like when you meet a new person and get acquainted with them, you get to know their nature, their morality, their routine."


A connection that spans generations

As a bedouin, Mohamed shares that his people have worked with camels for generations and have a close bond with them.
Mohamed shows us how he makes a living by offering rides to tourists which can range from 10 minutes to 1 hour. However, his camels' well-being is important to him so he ensures they are never overworked and only those that are rested are taken for rides.
In this storyworld students can explore some stunning 360° scenes and soundscapes showing a camel ride through the desert and Mohamed's camp where he rests his camels.

"These camels that you raise from a young age, you know them, you understand them and they understand you"

A cameleer with their camel
A cameleer with their camel

A Camel's Companion at a glance

  • A powerful short documentary film about Mohamed
  • A 360° immersive video of Mohamed walking his camels.
  • Two interactive 360° spaces including Mohamed walking his camels in the desert and Mohamed making a fire.

Lesson and assembly plans to be included with this storyworld:

Cultural Capital
Global Learning
Human Stories
Immersive Learning
Sustainability & Global Citizenship
Social Emotional Learning