Teaching positive values through sport

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Sport can be a powerful lens through which to nurture and explore positive values including resilience, leadership and teamwork. With sporting events like the Euro 2024 football and the Olympics on the horizon, Lyfta has the immersive and impactful resources you need to maximise this exciting moment with your students.
Trailer to storyworld series Kids' Cup
Although we might usually think of sport and physical activity as the domain of PE lessons, it can provide a topical and relatable framework for learning about positive values, which have relevance across the curriculum, and can form the basis of whole-school assemblies and form time.
Lyfta has a range of inspiring sports related human stories from across the globe which all aim to nurture and explore positive values
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Kids' Cup

If you're anticipating a buzz around sport and especially football this term, don't miss out on our powerful, immersive storyworld resources. Our Kids' Cup storyworld series focuses on young footballers representing their countries in the Norway Kids' Cup, an international youth football tournament in Oslo. The films and resources are a powerful way to explore values through sport and spark discussion around resilience, leadership, teamwork and more.

China: The Enduring Captain

Yu from China
Yu from China
Meet Yu, from the Chengdu region of China. Yu lost her father and still struggles with this, but has been selected as team captain for the Kids' Cup and is determined to honour her father's memory as well as her country. Discover how Yu leads and supports her teammates when the going gets tough. See her team train in a specialist football camp in China and find out how playing football and studying hard is Yu's way of dealing with bereavement - and preparing for her future. Explore The Enduring Captain now.
This film sensitively approaches the issue of bereavement. We hear how Yu copes with the loss of her father through engaging in sport and study.

Brazil: From the Sidelines

Freddy from Brazil
Freddy from Brazil
Meet Freddy from Brazil. Playing for one of Brazil's best teams is expectation enough, but he also has a family legacy of footballing success. How can he live up to these expectations, and what happens when he gets benched during the tournament? Find out how Freddy learns to celebrate others' success - and manage his feelings when somebody special steals his heart. Explore From the Sidelines now.

Palestine: More Than a Game

Afnan from Palestine
Afnan from Palestine
Meet Afnan from Palestine, who has trained with her dedicated football coach and teammates all year against the odds. Join Afnan and her resilient team as they work hard, enjoy the competition and show that, for them, raising the name of Palestine is more important than winning. Explore More than a Game now.

Norway: Eyes on the Ball

Anna from Norway
Anna from Norway
Meet Anna from Norway, the host nation. Watch her run alongside fjords and in the shadow of mountains as she prepares for the competition, and find out what it's like when your Dad is your coach. Explore how Anna manages her emotions as the tournament progresses - and learns how coping with disappointment is all part of the game. Explore Eyes on the Ball now.

Storyworld: Boxing Clever

Catherine from Boxing Clever
Catherine a.k.a ‘The Silent Beast’ is the first female Ugandan boxer to qualify for the Olympic Games. The 22-year-old rising star shares her story of hope, resilience and determination, as she boxes her way to the top from humble beginnings. Catherine describes how she realised her dream and overcame the odds, overcoming disbelief from her father and breaking down gender stereotypes to succeed in a male-dominated sport. Explore Boxing Clever now.

Storyworld: For the Love of the Game

Ali from Pakistan
Ali from Pakistan
Visit Karachi, the biggest city in Pakistan, and meet Ali and his friends, who have formed a cricket team who don't take themselves too seriously. We'll find more about Pakistan's cricket superstars and look at how the women's cricket game has taken off. We'll also discover ways to build resilience, look after our wellbeing and explore positive participation. Explore For the Love of the Game now.
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