Expanding horizons with Lyfta: Wrawby St Mary’s journey towards global awareness

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Explaining Lyfta
Discover how Wrawby St. Mary’s CE Primary, part of Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust, is revolutionizing education through Lyfta. The school is integrating powerful human stories into the curriculum to provide students with invaluable global perspectives and cultural insights. Students can engage with diverse stories, sparking meaningful discussions and nurturing a deeper understanding of the world. Read on to find out more about how the school is paving the way for a more inclusive and globally aware future.
A group of primary school children from Wrawby St mary's enjoying a Lyfta lesson
Excited young learners at Wrawby St. Mary's CE Primary enjoying a Lyfta lesson
Using Lyfta at Wrawby St. Mary's CE Primary

At Wrawby St. Mary’s CE Primary, part of the Lincoln Anglican Academies Trust, a remarkable transformation is underway. Under the leadership of executive headteacher Ann-Marie Wilson, Darrell Brown, the school's Lyfta Lead, together with the school’s Education Development Advisor and Charlotte Hickerton DEI lead for the trust, the incorporation of Lyfta into the curriculum is opening windows to the world for students, enriching their education with diversity, culture, and global perspectives. This year the number of Lyfta sessions have soared at Wrawby. But what is behind the sudden increase, and what advice do the team have for the community?

The power of ‘mirrors and windows’

Wrawby St. Mary’s CE Primary has embarked on a mission to deepen students' understanding of diversity, aiming to reflect their own experiences ('mirrors') while also exposing them to different lives and cultures ('windows'). Lyfta has emerged as a vital tool in this mission, bringing human stories from across the globe directly into the classroom. Through the interactive spaces, soundscapes, and engaging stories, students are not just learning about the world; they are connecting with it on an emotional level.

The first step was to work with the Lyfta team to select storyworlds that complemented Wrawby’s geography and RE curriculums, linking content to the school’s long-term plans. This collaboration has complemented the curriculum, bringing in additional experiences that further engage the children.

A group of primary school children from Wrawby St mary's enjoying a Lyfta lesson
Students watching a Lyfta film
Lyfta Time and British values: A weekly commitment

Lyfta Time has become a cornerstone of the school week, integrating into the collective worship structure every Thursday. While Key Stage Two students gather in the hall, younger learners engage with age-appropriate content in their classrooms. Under the guidance of Miss Balderson, these sessions are planned to link with the British value of the week, sparking rich discussions and fostering a deeper awareness of global cultures.

Student reflections on Lyfta Time: KS1 and KS2

The feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive, with older students appreciating the global perspectives and lively discussions that Lyfta Time fosters. They relish the opportunity to learn about other cultures, to see the world through others’ eyes, and to dream about their own futures.

‘It’s like a book, once you get into it you can’t wait to see the next one.’

‘I like how we come together as KS2 and can discuss the topics together – I like listening to other people’s thoughts and opinions.’

‘I’ve found out the world is a lot bigger than I thought.’

At KS1 it has been crucial in supporting students to marvel and interact with the size and diversity of the world, learning about kindness and aspiring to make a difference in their own ways.

‘I loved the one about the dogs abandoned on the side of the road. There was a gentleman helping them – it showed hope.’

Looking ahead

Reflecting on the journey so far, Darrell underscores the importance of Lyfta in challenging students to think beyond their local environment.

It truly has been a wonderful resource and you can hear the thinking in the room as the video plays and children are excited to share their viewpoints based on what they have seen. It is so important to lift our children high above their local area and show them inspirational people who really can achieve anything they put their mind to.

Darrell Brown
Lyfta Lead Wrawby St Mary's Primary

Next Steps

The success story of Wrawby St. Mary’s is just the beginning. With plans to further expand the use of Lyfta across Lincoln Anglican Academies Trust, the future holds the promise of an even broader impact, enriching students' educational experiences and preparing them to become pioneers and leaders in a diverse world.

As we continue this journey, we remain committed to fostering an educational environment where every child can explore the vastness of the global community, understand diverse perspectives, and be inspired by the stories of people from all walks of life. The adventure with Lyfta is far from over; it’s just getting started.

What is Lyfta?

Lyfta offers a groundbreaking solution for educators seeking to broaden their students' horizons, offering access to a range of people, places and perspectives that would otherwise be impossible. Imagine being able to teleport your entire class to a new destination every week, immersing them in the vibrant cultures and compelling stories of people from around the globe.

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