Lyfta is the Scandinavian winner of Global EdTech Awards!

Immersive storytelling platform Lyfta from Finland has won the Global Edtech Startup Award for Scandinavia and will participate in the global final at BETT in London in January 2019.

Lyfta has been making waves in Finnish and British schools, with its unique educational content created to increase empathy and understanding.

GESA is an initiative led by a group of leading organizations representing all continents of the world. The Awards identify, showcase and recognize EdTech startups from all over the world. More about the award program here.

“Humankind needs worldly, compassionate and thoughtful change-makers. It’s a great honour to receive the Scandinavian GESA Award and to represent Finnish pedagogical know-how on a global stage“, says Co-Founder and Co-CEO Paulina Tervo.

“Lyfta’s stunning interactive documentaries help learners to poignantly imagine different futures, inspiring them to better understand the part they can play in creating a fairer, sustainable legacy”, says Lyfta user Dora Plant, Headteacher, Ashbrow School.


More information:

Paulina Tervo

Co-CEO, Co-Founder, Lyfta Oy

+358 440998015


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