10 student ideas to protect the environment

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On Friday 22 April 2022 we brought together 1320 students from 44 classes across 15 schools in England to participate in live virtual lessons to mark Earth Day. Here is a brief summary of the ideas shared by the students about how we can protect the environment.
A girl hugging a tree
A girl hugging a tree
During two 30-minute webinars students were transported to the deserts of northwest China to explore an inspiring tree planting project called One Billion Trees. The shared immersive learning gave the students the opportunity to experience the content together simultaneously.
Following the journey to China we asked the students to consider their role in protecting the environment. Individual students unmuted to share their ideas verbally. They listened to peers from other schools nationwide.

Here is a snapshot of some of the students' ideas about protecting the environment after exploring One Billion Trees:

  1. Plant more trees so we can have a better life. Amelia, Year 1
  2. Planting more flowers will help bees. They are going extinct so this will help them survive. Jeremy, Year 4
  3. Instead of gas and oil, use solar panels to produce energy. This is better for the environment. Elijah, Year 3
  4. In the playground we can plant more trees and clean up after ourselves. Miah, Year 4
  5. Get rid of plastics from classrooms to help the environment. Although not all of it, as this would be tricky. Jack Year 4
  6. By planting trees it will create more oxygen and more people can survive. Laney, Year 3
  7. Go to the beach and take plastic from the ocean. Zara, Year 5
  8. Stop using laminate and so much stationary in the classroom as this is a waste. Lila, Year 3
  9. Put up signs in the park about taking litter home. Raymar, Year 4
  10. Instead of using petrol, use electric cars. Amelia, Year 4
Giving students a platform to share their ideas is a small first step towards making a difference for the climate crisis. There was a palpable sense of togetherness during the sessions. One headteacher described it as 'a powerful collective experience'.
We invite all students and schools to participate in our Earth day competition which is open to entries until May 27th 2022 - an opportunity to express 'my role in protecting the environment' through art (as well as a chance to win a beach trip worth £500!). Find out more and get involved in the Earth Day competition with Lyfta.
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