5 free resources for exploring sustainability in the classroom

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Encouraging conversations about sustainability has never been more important. Here are five free resources you can use in your classroom to bring this complex topic to life for your students.
Trash in the ocean
Trash in the ocean

1. Marine Conservation Society: fun and learning

A beach with plastic pollution
A beach with plastic pollution
Plastic pollution, overfishing and rising water temperatures are just some of the issues affecting the health of the world's oceans. TheMarine Conservation Society's learning resources inspire ocean discovery for young people of all ages. The resources are also linked to the UK curriculum and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

2. Lyfta: Beachcomber storyworld

Beachcomber trailer
Explore our Beachcomber storyworld for free when you create a Lyfta starter account. Beachcomber tells the story of Rob, an activist and artist from Cornwall who raises awareness about plastic pollution with his work. The storyworld includes a powerful short film, immersive 360 degree environments, and lesson and assembly plans covering sustainability and materials. Sign up now for instant free access.

3. Diverse Educators: Global Citizenship Toolkit

Diverse Educators: Global Citizenship Toolkit
Diverse Educators: Global Citizenship Toolkit
This toolkit examines what global citizenship education means, and looks at what resources and opportunities exist for teachers. The resources highlighted help educators to reflect on how the world is changing and the skills and values that young people will need to thrive in the future. The toolkit has been put together by Dr Harriet Marshall, Head of Educational Research at Lyfta.

4. Using human stories to explore sustainability

Sustainability trailer
Sustainable development can be difficult to teach and get a handle on. However, everyone has a responsibility to understand how their actions affect people, the environment and the natural world both locally and globally.
Lyfta has a range of human stories around the theme of sustainability which can help to explore these complex issues in the classroom. Read more about the Lyfta storyworlds linked to the theme of sustainability here.

5. Global Dimension resources

Global Dimension resources
Global Dimension resources
Global Dimension have gathered a huge range of environment and sustainability learning resources to explore, including a global learning wall planner, Reboot the Future, their monthly series of themed activities and resources and activities on everything from climate action to food waste.
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