5 free space-themed ideas for World Space Week

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World Space Week takes place from 4-10 October. The awareness week provides an excellent opportunity for schools to get their students inspired about science and technology. Read on for five exciting spaced-themed activities to enjoy with your students.
Spaceship taking of from storyworld Space Mission Lucy
Spaceship taking off from storyworld Space Mission Lucy
World Space Week runs from 4-10 October each year and the theme for 2023 is "Space and Entreprenuership". The dates are the same each year as the start on 4 October is when the Sputnik I was first launched in 1957. The end date of 10 October was when the Outer Space Treaty was signed in 1967.
In 2022 over 11,000 events took place to mark the date, in over 87 countries around the theme of "Space and Sustainability". This year even more participants are expected to join this celebration of science and technology and organise events around the "Space and Entreprenuership" theme.
You can read more here about World Space Week.

Get your class involved

World Space Week is an excellent opportunity for schools to get their students excited and inspired about science and technology.
Whether it's making a model solar system, dressing up as a martian or learning to walk like an astronaut, there is a wealth of exciting activities to consider. World Space Week is also the perfect time to introduce students to our storyworld Space Mission Lucy about two female NASA scientists. Read more here about Space Mission Lucy.
If you're looking for space-inspired activities to mark the occasion in your school, explore the list of suggestions below.

1. World Space Week lesson - Space Mission Lucy

Space Mission Lucy - Lyfta storyworld trailer
Explore space-science themed storyworld Space Mission Lucy. Students can meet Donya and Cathy, two female space scientists working on a NASA mission to explore the Trojan asteroids, primitive asteroids orbiting in tandem with Jupiter.
Students will experience 360° scenes, including of the Rocket Garden, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and will learn about the careers of two formidable women in STEM and how they are inspiring young people into robotics and careers in space science and technology. If you subscribe to Lyfta, you can explore here the storyworld Space Mission Lucy.

2. The Science Museum

The Science Museum in London is celebrating World Space Week. The 'Exploring Space' exhibition includes a full-sized replica of Eagle, the lander that took the first astronauts to the Moon in 1969 as well as other space objects. Visitors can learn about living in space - how to breathe, eat, drink and go to the toilet. Find out more here about the science museum.

3. NASA Kids' Club

Younger children can visit the NASA Kids' Club where there are lots of activities and space inspired games. There's a great image gallery and children are introduced to the crew currently orbiting Earth on the International Space Station.

4. STEM Learning

Here there are a large number of resources available for all age groups that could be used for lesson or STEM Club activities. Students can find out about different careers connected with space, how to design a satellite or what life on Mars might look like. Children can even have their questions answered by a real astronaut. Find out more here about STEM Learning.

5. Walk to the Moon Challenge (opening 13 September)

It takes years of training to become an astronaut and they have to be extremely fit and healthy. In Mission X: train like an astronaut, students learn about the kind of training an astronaut might undertake. They'll learn about science, nutrition, exercise and space. They can then participate in the annual Walk to the moon challenge by submitting steps to the Mission X mascots who will walk from the Earth to the Moon - a whopping 384 400km! Find out more here about this walk to the moon challenge.
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