5 reasons subscription to Lyfta offers excellent value for money

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Budgets are tight and schools have a responsibility to ensure funds are utilised in the most effective way. It is difficult to put a value on students accessing a broad range of experiences, but we do know Lyfta users are able to make significant savings on enrichment activities like school trips and after school clubs, on staff training (we offer free CPD) and even on printing costs with a subscription to Lyfta. As well as being cost effective, Lyfta schools save valuable staff time when it comes to lesson and assembly planning and delivery. Read on for 5 ways in which a Lyfta subscription offers excellent value for money.
Students using Lyfta
Students using Lyfta

1 Help nurture cultural capital for all learners in a cost-effective way

One important aspect of any school's offering for young people is to broaden horizons and build cultural capital by offering children a broad range of experiences, often delivered through school trips.
This type of enrichment activity is unfortunately an expense that many schools are currently struggling to afford. Coach hire for a return trip to a place of interest around 40 miles away for 200 children is approximately £3,100 (not including parking). In comparison, a Lyfta Lite subscription for a 1-form entry primary school is just £1,020 (less than a third of the price of the coach hire). With a Lyfta subscription children could be exploring a different place and 'meeting' someone new, every week.
We are by no means suggesting that virtual school trips can or should take the place of the real thing, but it means the number of trips could be significantly reduced without having an impact on the cultural capital offering within the school. If you are working with a limited budget, Lyfta provides a wonderful way to lift children out of their everyday surroundings, to experience the wider world.
With Lyfta you can send your students on a trip to San Francisco to visit the National Aquarium, the Canary Islands to see a live volcano, the tiny Greek island of Arki and the Amazonian rainforest, and much, much more.

2 CPD training resources

A subscription to Lyfta comes with much more than access to the platform. It also includes free professional development training for your staff to enhance and extend classroom practice and teacher confidence to support student progress. This means your Lyfta subscription can offset some of your annual staff training costs.
Schools subscribing to Lyfta will get access to three levels of CPD designed to enable teachers to unlock the power of immersive digital stories in their classrooms and across the school. CPD training offered as part of a subscription includes:
  • Pedagogy for Global Learning: a two-part course that equips teachers to use global learning resources in the classroom confidently.
  • Leading curriculum innovation and enrichment is a hybrid in-person and online course for those with responsibility for curriculum development such as a member of the leadership team, a head of department or a teacher with subject responsibility.
  • Effective Classroom Practice is a series of three pre-recorded courses that teachers can complete flexibly to improve classroom practice.
  • Facilitating courageous conversations about race with students is a recorded three-part course co-created with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consultant Angela Browne.
Over 90% of our training participants rate our training as extremely or very valuable.
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"This has been one of the most informative CPD courses that I have ever undertaken."

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3 Save on printing and books

Examples of the RMA's in storyworld Choose Your Character
Examples of the RMA's in storyworld Choose Your Character
Have you worked out the true cost of printing out worksheets, extra books and other supporting materials for classes? As Lyfta is delivered online it means there are no hidden costs for printing and purchasing extra resources. You don't need any specialist equipment either to run Lyfta. The platform can be accessed through an internet-enabled desktop, laptop, Chromebook or iPad and can be led from the front of the class if individual devices are not available.
When you're using Lyfta for a lesson, everything you need is included on the platform. Students can access rich media articles, films, and interactive 360° spaces online. Their responses are recorded online as they work through the lesson, so there is no need for answers to be submitted on paper.
The rich media articles (RMAs) on Lyfta consist of a variety of media including photographs, text, video and original illustrations. There are currently over 200 RMAs featuring curriculum content in a range of subject areas for primary and secondary learners. There's no need to print resources or buy books. Everything is on the platform.

4 Time-saving assembly and lesson planning functions

With over 300+ ready-made lesson and assembly plans covering a range of vital themes such as sustainability, wellbeing, human diversity and compassion, the time-saving benefit to your staff is immense. Lyfta's intuitive teacher platform makes it quick and easy to plan lessons and assemblies across a range of topics and can be used for teaching a range of subjects including literacy, PSHE, RSE, geography, citizenship, PE, science, RE, design & technology and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Teachers can search for content or lessons by theme, skills and values, curriculum subject or SDGs, then choose to use one of the many existing lesson and assembly plans, to use or adapt or build new ones from scratch. Can you really afford time-wise to not have Lyfta as a school resource?
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"Lyfta has transformed the way that I am able to teach. The children LOVE it and it has sparked some extremely interesting discussions and debates in my classroom."

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Having access to Lyfta significantly reduces teacher workload.
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"LLess time searching for high-quality resources - Videos provide a framework for lessons - Ample opportunities for cross-curricular links already highlighted."

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5 The value of the significant impact on learning

Lyfta helps educators to engage and inspire digitally-native children and young people; foster critical skills and values for navigating our changing world, and broaden students' horizons by giving them opportunities to see beyond their everyday realities.
Big themes such as politics, equality, climate change and sustainability, can, of course, be tricky and at times, sensitive for young pupils to grasp. Through Lyfta teachers have a way to make these issues accessible and relatable.
We've had so much incredible feedback from both teachers and students using Lyfta. Our real immersive human stories have provided a powerful way to foster empathetic understanding by giving students access to a wide and diverse range of global perspectives, challenging their misconceptions, and motivating action. Students using Lyfta are more empathetic and connected more emotionally with topics such as inclusivity, and diversity, they become kinder to both one another and the planet.
Now how do you place a value on that?
Read more here about the amazing impact Lyfta has had on schools.
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