Lyfta wins Transformational Impact Bett Award 2023

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We are thrilled that Lyfta has won the prestigious Bett Award 2023 for Transformational Impact, selected from a category full of brilliant nominees! The Bett Awards is an annual celebration of outstanding achievement in the field of education technology. The awards recognise the best and most innovative products and services that are helping to transform education and improve learning outcomes in schools.
Co-Founders Paulina and Serdar receiving The Bett Awards 2023 for Transformational Impact
Co-Founders Paulina and Serdar receiving The Bett Awards 2023 for Transformational Impact

Lyfta wins Bett 2023 Transformational Impact award

Bett Awards Winner
Bett Awards Winner
In January, we were delighted to be nominated for two Bett awards, in the categories of Transformational Impact and Collaboration with a School (for our work in partnership with Three Bridges Primary School.)
As a company dedicated to improving student outcomes, who take pedagogy and evidence informed practice so seriously, we are incredibly proud to have won this award. We are even prouder to know that our immersive storyworlds are creating such impact for schools across the UK and beyond.
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"The judges were extremely impressed by Lyfta's unique product and the focus it has on global citizenship and inclusivity. Lyfta's support to schools in teaching global awareness, understanding and inclusivity speaks to a critical current need that is hard to teach well. A go-to resource to share globally rich experiences!"

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How does Lyfta create transformational impact?

The distinctive, interactive platform uses easy-to-access technology to bring the world into the classroom, integrating learners' independent enquiry and discovery with tailored curriculum and learning objectives which are identified and shaped by the teacher.
Lyfta's team of educators, storytellers, designers and technologists have crafted an innovative and pedagogically excellent resource - so teachers can deliver fun, engaging and impactful lessons and assemblies with minimal preparation. The platform contains 65+ immersive human stories (with more added each term) and 350+ integrated lesson and assembly plans which can be used as they are or adapted by the teacher.
The platform provides a way to introduce students to people from all around the world and walks of life ‒ so far with remarkable and sometimes unexpected results. We have been inspired and moved by the empathy and understanding that meeting another human being through a short film, and 360° learning experience can result in.
If you would like to read more about the incredible impact our teacher community has achieved with their students through use of Lyfta, please explore a selection of case studies here.
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"Impact is at the heart of everything we do and our reason for being, which is why we were thrilled to be nominated in this category. We had an inkling in 2016 that the authentic real life stories we were bringing to light through our immersive storyworlds could help shape the way young people see the world and themselves. Seven years on, thousands of teachers and children have confirmed that this is the case."

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"We couldn't have done this without our amazing community of schools, teachers and students all over the UK and the world, and would like to thank everyone who has been on this journey with us.

Our vision is that by the time a child completes their education, they will have had a meaningful and humanising learning experience in every country in the world. We would love to make this an entitlement for all children."

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What this win means for Lyfta

What students say about Lyfta - compilation
We have always believed that Lyfta has the potential to transform the way we teach and learn, and this award has given us an even greater desire to reach more students to give them the opportunity to experience people, places and perspectives that they might otherwise not be able to access.
Our biggest source of motivation is hearing from students on how they believe Lyfta has impacted their own learning and attitudes. Hear some of their voices in this short video.
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