Explaining Lyfta: What is a rich media article?

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Explaining Lyfta
Rich media articles give learners and teachers a wider context to each storyworld. In this blog, Head of Educational Content, Lisa Taner looks at how our rich media articles can help learners understand complex topics.
From storyworld Sacred Acres
From storyworld Sacred Acres

Variety of media

Rich media articles (RMAs) can be found in every Lyfta storyworld. They consist of a variety of media including photographs, text, video and original illustrations. There are currently over 160 RMAs featuring curriculum-related content in a range of subject areas for primary and secondary learners.
We create engaging RMAs with a core focus of learners aged around 7-16. They are also great resources for teachers too, in particular where the subject matter or country is unfamiliar.
RMAs use original illustrations and engaging photography to supplement the text. We also use simple and sometimes interactive infographics to help learners understand complicated concepts. It's a user-friendly approach that provides a scaffold for the learner and helps them to make connections between key points.

Wider context of each storyworld

Example of a Rich media article
Example of a Rich media article
Rich media articles give learners and teachers a wider context to the cultural, social, geographical, and environmental surroundings of each storyworld, and open up a wide range of topics and pedagogical themes. The High Water storyworld contains RMAs exploring key geography skills such as how hurricanes are formed, and how we map our planet. Learners can also place this community in a historical and social context by exploring the Maya Q'eqchi' community today, and their ancient Maya ancestors' civilization.
RMAs can be part of a series, like our series on heritage sites, including UNESCO sites such as The Nekropolis in Makli, Pakistan.
Teachers can use RMAs in diverse and creative ways. They can be attached to Lyfta lesson plans so that learners can be directed to read an article and respond to questions. They can also be used as stand-alone resources, for reading comprehension or to support curriculum learning. We are beginning to make more interactive RMAs which invite students to engage in thinking activities, for example, to find their way out of a maze or to explore the theme of adolescence. Some have downloadable pdfs to be used as hard copies in the classroom or to support home learning.

Additional video material

Video material, such as short interview clips, provide additional material that supplements the storyworld's short film. In the Hip Hop Star storyworld we meet Cansu, stage name Si-G, a few years after the original film was made, and find out how her dreams have changed since the original film. Teachers tell us that this additional material is valuable as students gain a deeper understanding of a character's motivations, feelings and reflections as time passes by. Labels for additional video material are purple.

Where can I find articles?

From stroyworld Amazonian Treats
From stroyworld Amazonian Treats
Articles can easily be found in two ways. Firstly, when you open a storyworld and explore each interactive 360° space, you'll see yellow labels that indicate a rich media article, as in our Amazonian Treats storyworld (short films have red labels).
You can also search for RMAs using the search bar on the teacher platform. Like all of our content, RMAs are tagged with Lyfta core themes, sustainable development goals, and keywords.
Global Learning
Immersive Learning
Character & Values
Cultural Capital
Sustainability & Global Citizenship
Social Emotional Learning
Diversity Equity Inclusion
Personal Development
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