6 free virtual adventures to elevate the end of the school year

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As the school year draws to a close, we are offering teachers enriching activities to captivate their students and keep them engaged in their learning. This year we are offering the chance to embark on virtual journeys, to meet fascinating people and explore extraordinary places that would otherwise be out of reach. And we’re offering them for free up to the end of the school year!
Students enjoying a lesson
Students enjoying a lesson
With this exciting offer, teachers can provide their students with unforgettable experiences, from a live volcano expedition and behind-the-scenes access to cultural institutions, to encounters with remarkable individuals with inspiring stories to tell. Best of all, these virtual adventures are available for free, for a limited time, through a Lyfta Starter free account.

1 - Journey to a live volcano

We Live Among Volcanoes - Lyfta storyworld trailer
Prepare for an unforgettable experience as your students experience the sights and sounds from the edge of a roaring volcano in The Canary Islands. In this storyworld, students can witness the raw power and beauty of a live volcano and meet Pedro, a volcanologist working there. They will discover how Pedro and his colleagues study volcanoes and work hard to keep people safe and advance our knowledge.
Students will delve into the science behind these geological marvels, the impact of eruptions on ecosystems, and the communities living nearby. This virtual trip will spark curiosity, ignite passion for geology, and leave a lasting impression.
The storyworld includes lesson plans on volcanoes suitable for primary and secondary settings, as well as resources on careers in STEM, the rock cycle and a range of writing activities.

2 - Explore the secrets of the opera

Secrets of the Opera - Lyfta storyworld series trailer
Enjoy a last minute trip to the theatre and take your students to Finland to experience the captivating world of performing arts with behind-the-scenes access to the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. Explore interactive 360° spaces, including the main stage, orchestra pit, ballet studio, costume room and more.
Hear the stories of the inspirational people that work here, like Lini who works as a prompter below the stage, hockey-player-turned-ballerina Michel, costume designer Erika or Terhi, the foodie ballerina. There are 8 different storyworlds in this series, so why not take your students there and allow them to choose where to explore?

3 - Visit NASA and hear about an exciting space mission

Space Mission Lucy - Lyfta storyworld trailer
Students can travel to the USA to meet Donya and Cathy, two female space scientists working on a NASA mission to explore the Trojan asteroids, primitive asteroids orbiting in tandem with Jupiter. Experience immersive 360° scenes, including of the NASA Rocket Park in Houston and experience the sights and sounds of a rocket launch. Students will learn about the careers of two formidable in STEM and how they are inspiring young people into robotics and careers in space science and technology. This virtual experience is sure to fuel your students’ curiosity for STEM subjects and space exploration!

4 - Discover the rich heritage of temples in Borneo

A Father's Legacy - Lyfta storyworld trailer
Transport your students to awe-inspiring temples in Borneo and provide insights into the rituals, traditions and history of the region. Students will meet Ahen, an esteemed spirit medium and leader in the family and community and find out why the role of the tatung is important. Themes of spirituality, religion and faith will be explored and students will discover the importance of learning languages and developing cultural understanding.
Explore four captivating 360° environments including the city temple exterior, the city temple interior, the Tanjaya temple and the inside of Ahen’s workshop.

5 - Explore the fascinating village of Awra Amba in Ethiopia

Awra Amba Visitors' Centre - Lyfta storyworld trailer
Take your students on a virtual adventure to the fascinating village of Awra Amba in Ethiopia to meet tour guide Enaney in the Visitors’ Centre.
Hear how the villagers persevered through years of famine but ended up turning down food aid and outside help, and transformed their village into a thriving, self-sufficient community. This virtual visit will broaden students’ horizons, promote global citizenship and give them a glimpse of a village in Ethiopia that will likely challenge their perceptions.
The storyworld includes lesson plans on entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency and sustainability and articles about foreign aid.

6 - Stay closer to home with a virtual trip to Cornwall

Beachcomber - Lyfta storyworld trailer
Accompany beachcomber Rob to the stunning beaches of Cornwal. Rob collects plastic waste and uses it to create art that inspires people to think about the choices they make as consumers.
Invite students to step into Rob’s world and experience his powerful story. Explore the sights and sounds of Rob’s home, the beach, and the clifftop with interactive 360° spaces, and learn about his work to raise awareness about plastic pollution.
This experience will spark discussion on environmental issues and empower students to take action in their own communities.

So what are you waiting for?

These virtual adventures will give students the opportunity to experience people, places and perspectives they might otherwise not be able to experience. So use this opportunity to ignite curiosity, inspire passion, and create lasting memories for your students.
Sign up to a Lyfta Starter account now to enjoy free access to all these learning environments completely free until the end of term.
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