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We are excited to introduce the new, interactive Lyfta calendar - offering educators a comprehensive, easy-to-use way to explore global awareness days and weeks, and other celebrated days with lesson plans, assemblies, blogs and video resources to help you mark the occasion in the classroom.

Lyfta Content Calendar 23

A year of opportunities

By using these global learning opportunities, and utilising the immersive storyworlds, integrated lesson plans and resources on offer, educators can easily weave different cultures, people, places and perspectives into their teaching throughout the school year.

This not only enriches the curriculum, but also provides students with cultural and intercultural capital, personal development opportunities and nurtures empathy and understanding.

How to use the calendar

The calendar makes it easy for teachers to view awareness days by month and save time on lesson planning and preparation. By simply clicking on the awareness day or event, educators can read more and access the Lyfta resources that align with the theme. This streamlines the process of incorporating global learning into the curriculum and ensures that educators have a wealth of opportunities to enhance their students' understanding of the world.

What's inside?

The calendar provides information about key dates, along with links to a treasure trove of Lyfta resources to enrich your students' learning. Here are some examples:

UK Interfaith Week aims to celebrate unity among different faith groups. The calendar provides information about this learning opportunity, and links to the available resources like the "Understanding Worldviews" assembly plan, helpful trailers and blogs and the "Becoming Me" storyworld series which explores the lives of six young people growing up with different faiths.

Anti-Bullying Week provides educators with the opportunity to discuss the harmful effects of bullying and promote kindness, empathy, and respect among students. The Lyfta calendar provides information about the awareness week and links to lesson plans like "Building a United World" and "Moving On," which can help you address the issue in an engaging and impactful way.

The calendar even includes lesser-known awareness days, like International Lego Day in January. Lyfta's "Building Imagination" storyworld and associated lesson plan explores the concept of infinity and mandala designs, providing a unique and engaging way to celebrate this quirky day and leverage the learning opportunity it presents.

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We hope you will use the calendar to plan a journey of exploration, understanding, and interconnectedness throughout the year.

Please note that our 2023/2024 PDF calendar is still avaiable to download here.

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