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We are constantly striving to improve the Lyfta platform and resources, making life easier for educators. We are delighted to introduce a new feature to help you find and use the content that suits your needs. Lyfta collections are curated groups of content and resources linked to a specific topic, theme, or subject to help with curriculum integration. Collections will bring a whole new way to explore Lyfta content, saving you time and inspiring richer learning experiences for your students. Read on for more on collections and how they can support your practice.
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We are continually evolving and improving the platform to meet the needs of our customers. This year, as well as a host of new cinematic storyworld experiences from around the world, we’ve introduced:

Most recently we’ve turned our attention towards how our content is curated and organised, to help educators with curriculum integration and finding the best way for Lyfta to make an impact in a variety of different contexts.

What are Lyfta collections? 

Collections are handpicked groups of Lyfta content, linked to a specific topic, theme, event, or subject. Because of their flexibility, collections can be built quickly and can help in many different ways.

For example, perhaps you are looking at cities in geography, we have a collection for that, enabling you to find engaging teaching resources to support the theme; like 360 scenes and videos from cities like Amsterdam, Nairobi, Hong Kong and Los Angeles and lesson plans on inclusive cities or exploring inequality in Sao Paulo. 

Exploring textiles in art and design? We have a collection to help, featuring a 360 enabling students to experience the sights and sounds of a weaving workshop in Ethiopia, and lesson plans on costume design featuring storyworlds from the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, and one from Kenya about tie-dying.

Planning your PSHE lesson on dreams and goals? We have a collection to help there too, featuring stories and lesson plans on setting goals, olympic dreams and career aspirations.

As well as content around curriculum, collections also curate materials and resources around various objectives - for example, we have collections with engaging resources to foster cultural and intercultural capital, for character education, for sustainability, for global citizenship and much more.

‍ As of December 2023 we have 90+ collections like:

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And many, many more! We’re continually adding to collections

Your collections; your way

Phase 2 of Lyfta’s collections feature is our development team's top focus for the first few months of 2024 - expect to hear more soon! In the next phase, we plan for you to be able to build and share your own collections and curate groups of content that work with your curriculum and priorities. You’ll be able to share these collections with other practitioners within your school or trust, and with the wider Lyfta community.

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