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On 20th and 21st March 2024, we were delighted to have 152 school classes (around 4560 students) join us from classrooms across the UK for our latest Lyfta live lessons. In this session, to mark World Water Day, students were invited to explore and learn about the Dead Sea and River Jordan and to consider the issues of water security in a region affected by historical and ongoing conflict. The session was rated a brilliant 9/10 overall by participants. Thanks to everyone who took part!
Salt deposits at the Dead Sea
The Dead Sea in Jordan
The banks of the Dead Sea
Lyfta live lesson for World Water Day

As with other Lyfta experiences, this live lesson gave an exciting opportunity for learners to hear and learn from stories and situations around the world, to give a better understanding of what is happening beyond our classes, schools, local areas and our own countries.

This time our session was linked to World Water Day and explored the Dead Sea and River Jordan and considering the issues of water security in a region affected by historical and ongoing conflict.

Our in-house teacher Noel welcomed learners and introduced the session. It is always such a pleasure for us to get a peek into the Lyfta classrooms across the country and to hear reflections of students!

The most important resource on the planet

Students were asked to reflect on water as a resource, the most important resource on the planet, and to consider what uses it has, beyond drinking and keeping us clean. Students came up with a vast range of ideas - from use by firefighters and for generating electricity, to growing crops, and leisure activities like swimming and ice skating!   

Noel brought the Lyfta globe up on the screen and asked learners to use their geography knowledge to make predictions about what the scenery and weather might be like in Jordan. Then we zoomed in to see for ourselves. First stop, the shores of the Dead Sea…

Student observations and questions on seeing the space and taking in the sights and sounds:

"It looks like snow. It looks cold, but I was expecting it to be hot! Is that white stuff sand?"

"Why do the rocks look like ice?"

"Not what I expected. I wonder if anything can live there, if it is known as the Dead Sea."

The banks fof the River Jordan
Salty Shores

After exploring the 360° scene, Noel clicked the character in the space and brought the story to life through a short documentary film. 

In the film we learned about the issues of water security in this region. We learned why the River Jordan is special to half of humanity and how the Dead Sea is a geological wonder. 

After watching the film together, we explored 360° spaces of the banks of the River Jordan and finally of farmer Hassan’s home.

Students were asked what they would ask Hassan if they were standing in front of him.

"What will Hassan do if the water does run out? How does he feel about it?"

"Why does he continue to live there? How does he make a living? Why are the factory's trying to take your water?"

"If you had a way to save the Dead Sea, what would you do?"

"How long have you been a farmer?"

"What did it look like when you were young? When did you start farming? What crops do you grow?"

"What happens when the water all goes?"

What a curious bunch! You certainly had a lot of questions - which is great! Many of the questions are answered in the rich media content and other resources in this storyworld so we hope you have time to explore these in class. Login or sign up for a free trial to view the resources.

9 out of 10 rating

Thanks to everyone who joined the sessions, we'd love to hear more about any follow up activities you do in class. Please do tag us on X @LyftaEd.

Thanks also for your lovely feedback. The overall ratings for the sessions this time were more than 9 out of 10.

"It was very clear and easy to understand. There were lots of facts and information which we didn't know before."

"We really enjoyed the session, thank you! We look forward to finding out more about the River Jordan and Hassan."

"We really liked the facts about the Dead Sea. We liked seeing the farmer and how he worked, he had no machinery to help him!"

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