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Meet Malahat, an 11-year-old aspiring dancer from Baku, Azerbaijan, in Lyfta storyworld, Dancing in the Land of Fire. Through 360 degree spaces and a powerful short documentary film, we get an insight into Malahat's daily life and the challenges she faces, as well as her hopes and dreams for the future. We also have the opportunity to learn more about the vibrant culture of Azerbaijan and hear from Parvana, the young Azerbaijani filmmaker behind the story.
What's it like to be an aspiring dancer in Azerbaijan? - Video showing Malahat practicing dance moves online
Learn from Malahat in our new storyworld

Explore the life of 11-year-old Malahat in Baku, Azerbaijan, who dreams of becoming a dancer. Join Malahat as she dances in stunning visual locations around Baku city and learn about this thriving capital on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Discover the spring festival of Nowruz and learn more about the traditions shared by Malahat’s family and millions of other people. Meet the young Azerbaijani filmmaker Parvana who made the film for Lyfta to understand why she is motivated to make documentaries to bring about change.

Explore our new storyworld and how to start teaching with it 

Watch our new storyworld overview, presented by our amazing live lesson host, Noel. In this engaging short video, you will learn about how to navigate the storyworld, get a glimpse into the media and lesson content that we have created for you along with some practical tips for how you can begin teaching with this storyworld straight away.

Explore how to start teaching with Dancing in the Land of Fire

Enjoy! In this storyworld you will find a variety of interesting media and learning content: 

  • 5 different 360-degree locales around Baku City and in Malahat’s home.
  • 360 videos of Malahat dancing in breathtaking places.
  • A short, captivating film about Malahat’s life.
  • Rich Media Articles about the city of Baku, the festival of Nowruz and an exclusive interview with our filmmaker Parvana.
  • Accompanying lesson and assembly plans that explore: hopes and dreams, festivals and celebrations, the city of Baku, as well as hobbies and interests. 

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