Lyfta lessons at Cognita Global Be Well Day (GBWD) 2022

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Global Be Well Day (GBWD) is a very special annual event in the Cognita calendar that takes place every September. On this day, Cognita schools tailor their curricula to focus on wellbeing. It’s an opportunity to celebrate everything that schools do to prioritise wellbeing throughout the year, to have a deeper focus on some of the contributors to wellbeing and to connect globally with each other through a range of wellbeing activities. This year, we’re delighted to say that some of those activities are planned with Lyfta!
Global Be Well Day on 30th September 2022
Global Be Well Day on 30th September 2022


Cognita is a diverse family of over 90 schools across 14 different countries in Europe and the US, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. They employ 15,000+ teaching and support staff to provide an outstanding holistic education that enables over 65,000 students to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

What happens on Global Be Well Day?

Lyfta - Cognita Global Be Well Day 2022
Each year on Global Be Well Day Cognita schools focus on the Be Well Charter - the contributors to mental health (Connecting, Doing and Giving), and the contributors to physical health (Sleep, Diet and Exercise). Empowering students to develop healthy habits and agency for their wellbeing is a key part of the day.

Theme for 2022 resources

This year, the event takes place on 30th September and once again, schools from across the world will join together and celebrate the importance of wellbeing. The theme for the resources isDiet Through the Lens of Sustainability. Students will discuss topics such as diet, the world's natural resources, sustainable eating, eating as a community and traditions around food, and learn how to contribute to a more sustainable world, through the way they choose and source their food.

How is Lyfta getting involved this year?

Teachers across Cognita schools will have access to selected Lyfta storyworlds which focus on the themes of sustainability, diet and wellbeing and lesson plans designed specifically for GBWD, enabling them to run exciting and impactful lessons on this year's theme.
The lessons can be delivered from the front of the class, for whole-class exploration and discussion, or the teacher can generate a passphrase and invite students to explore on their own devices. In both cases, the quest tracker will guide the exploration and discussion so very little preparation or planning is needed by the teacher.
Lessons are available for ages 3-6, 7-11, 12-14 and 15-18 and are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
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"This year, Cognita are really excited to be partnering with Lyfta, their tailored, immersive-learning platform really brings to life important wellbeing messages for our students across the world.

Students will explore stories from Peru, Ethiopia, Germany, Afghanistan and the UK, reflecting Cognita's global nature."

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Lyfta storyworlds to explore

At Lyfta we offer immersive learning environments (known as storyworlds) that bring human stories to life. Rich media content and powerful short films offer unique, compelling and impactful learning for schools.
The following storyworlds have been chosen for Cognita schools to focus on as part of this exciting event:

Beekeeper's Garden

Trailer to Beekeeper's Garden Storyworld
Malte is an urban beekeeper in Berlin who makes organic honey which is sold in local stores. Children will explore Malte's work, motivations and values, find out why bees are so important and learn about honey-making. Malte shows how his low-impact lifestyle contributes toward sustainability and his own wellbeing. Students can experience the inside of a beehive with a 360 immersive video and see how to make insect houses and honey biscuits.

Daily Bread

Trailer to Daily Bread Storyworld
The owner of a small bakery in Kabul describes the traditional Afghan method of making bread. Students will learn about the different types of bread from around the world, about trade and exchange, about children that work, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). They can experience street life in Kabul through a 360° video of the market street outside the bakery.

Amazonian Treats

Trailer to Amazonian Treats Storyworld
Students will explore the Amazonian Rainforest in Peru and meet some of the indigenous people of the Matsigenka tribe who live there. They will see how the local people harvest food sustainably from the forest with great care and sensitivity, to maintain the rainforest's rich biodiversity. They will find out why biodiversity is crucial and how deforestation is harmful, not only to Peruvians but the whole planet.


Trailer to Beachcomber Storyworld
Rob is an artist and activist from Cornwall who collects plastic waste that washes up on the seashore. He uses what he collects to create stunning pieces of artwork that inspire people to think about littering and choices they make as consumers. The Beachcomber storyworld has been used across many schools to increase understanding about sustainability issues and promote awareness and action.

Visitor's Centre (Awra Amba)

Trailer to Awra Amba Storyworld
In this storyworld, students will discover the visitor's centre in Awra Amba, Ethiopia. They will hear how the villagers spent several years coping with famine but ended up turning down food aid and outside help. They will learn how the population transformed itself into a thriving, self-sufficient community and see how the values and principles that made this possible are now enshrined in the village manifesto.
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