Lyfta live lessons: A virtual trip to the theatre

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Live Lessons
With budgets and purse-strings stretched to breaking, many children won’t have the opportunity to experience festive outings to the cinema or theatre this year so Lyfta are offering a virtual theatre trip instead! Join us on 14th or 15th of December for the next in our series of #LyftaLive lessons when we will travel to Helsinki in Finland to the National Opera and Ballet for this end of term treat.

We’ll be taking students behind the scenes with this exciting virtual school trip and exploring the interactive 360° spaces in this storyworld series, including the main stage, orchestra pit, ballet studio and much more.

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Along with other schools from across the UK, students will have the opportunity to see the spaces and learn about the careers of some of the fascinating people who work here.
This 30 minute live lesson, relating to access and understanding of professional and orchestral performances is an excellent way to build cultural capital in the classroom. By joining this free live lesson you'll be offering your students the chance to have an experience of the theatre that they may not otherwise have access to.
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"Being able to explore an actual opera house through Lyfta's ‘Secrets of the Opera', and meet the people who work there, has been a superb insight into that world. The experience truly breaks down the pre-dispositions and prejudices some may have about opera. The Lyfta platform has helped tremendously with this."

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Lyfta Live lessons - what are they?

Classes across the UK joined in the Lyfta live lesson for World Space Week
Classes across the UK joined in the Lyfta live lesson for World Space Week
Lyfta live lessons are delivered by our engagement team live, via Zoom, bringing together many different schools for a shared Lyfta experience. In October, we ran a Lyfta Live lesson when we introduced 255 classes from 109 schools to Space Mission Lucy, our exciting space-themed storyworld during World Space Week.
Read what children thought of the session here.
We are also running #LyftaLive lessons to leverage learning opportunities around the Men's Football World Cup. Read more about that here.

New to Lyfta?

The Lyfta Globe and platform
The Lyfta Globe and platform
If you don't know much about Lyfta, you can read more about our award-winning immersive learning platform here.
Our Lyfta storyworlds are at the heart of what we do, offering learners intimate windows into the lives of people from across the globe. Students and teachers can explore real human stories through 360° spaces and soundscapes, high-quality documentary films, and rich media articles. Our Lyfta films depict personal stories that open up a wider, societal issue.

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If you subscribe to Lyfta you can launch one of the ready-made lessons or assembly plans to explore the Secrets of the Opera series whenever you choose.
There are a series of shortened Lyfta Time sessions (20 minutes) which are ideal for assembly or form time, or you can look at some of the longer lesson plans to explore the themes in more depth:
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Immersive Learning
Lyfta Live Lessons
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