Lyfta live lessons: Celebrating cultural diversity

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In an increasingly complex, interconnected world, providing opportunities for discussion and celebration of cultural diversity is essential to promote inclusivity, increase empathy and to build strong communities. In celebration of World Day for Cultural Diversity (21st May), we are offering a free Lyfta live lesson celebrating cultural diversity where we will explore a brand new Lyfta storyworld.
Lyfta Live lesson to celebrate cultural diversity. Featuring storyworld Keep London Smiling
Sylvain in Keep London Smiling
Sylvain in Keep London Smiling
During this live lesson, delivered by the Lyfta team, we will explore Keep London Smiling,an immersive human story in which we meet Transport for London station officer Sylvain.
Sylvain moved to London from Côte d'Ivoire via France and has made it his mission to bring smiles to the faces of commuters who pass through his station, to create a sense of community and belonging.
We will explore themes linked to British values, particularly around mutual respect and understanding of others, and will be celebrating the diversity of British society by exploring this story as a collective experience with schools across the UK and beyond.
Our brilliant resident teacher Noel will take students through the 360° spaces in this storyworld and share Sylvain's story in a short documentary film. Students will also have the opportunity to share their thoughts and reflections with others.

What do I need to do to join?

No preparation is required, the class teacher should simply sign up and join us on the day via the Zoom link that will be sent via email. Sessions are 45 mins long and run on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th May at 11.15 and at 14.00, with different sessions suited to years 1-4 and years 5-8.
If you have a subscription to Lyfta, you will also be able to log in and explore the additional spaces, resources and lesson plans in this storyworld, including rich media content on multicultural London and the importance of human connections. Read more about the storyworld here.

Lyfta Live lessons - what are they?

Tweets from Live Lesson for Children's Mental Health Week
Tweets from Live Lesson for Children's Mental Health Week
Lyfta live lessons are delivered by our brilliant resident teacher live, via Zoom, bringing together many different schools for a shared Lyfta experience.
Since we started our live lessons, under a year ago, we have delivered sessions to over 1200 classes in total (over 36,000 student sessions)!

New to Lyfta?

The Lyfta globe on screen
The Lyfta globe on screen
Our Lyfta storyworlds are at the heart of what we do, offering learners intimate windows into the lives of people from across the globe. Students and teachers can explore real human stories through 360° spaces and soundscapes, high-quality documentary films, and rich media articles. Our Lyfta films depict personal stories that open up a wider, societal issue.
Our live lessons provide a great opportunity to experience some of the content with your students with no preparation required.
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