Lyfta live lessons: Children's Mental Health Week

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Live Lessons
Join us, along with your class, for the next of our exciting free Lyfta live lessons on 8th or 9th Feb during Children’s Mental Health Week.

This year's event organised by charity Place2Be is all about making meaningful connections and how healthy connections with family, friends and others, supports our mental health and wellbeing. We are excited to be sharing a brand new Lyfta storyworld linked to this theme, called Music is my Social Tool.
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Along with other schools from across the UK and beyond, students will have the opportunity to explore this exciting new storyworld and discuss what makes a positive relationship.
In the storyworld we meet Izandra, a young black Brazilian woman raised by her grandmother. When she turned 13, her grandmother encouraged her to attend a local project where she learnt to play the violin. This instrument, classical music and the work of Afro-Brazilian musicians changed her life. Izandra now shares her expertise with other low-income youngsters and works to make classical music accessible to all.
We meet Izandra in the city of Porto Alegre in the South of Brazil where she plays, studies and teaches the violin. This storyworld explores themes such as the power of music to connect people, role models, community and family connections.
Together we will explore 360° spaces like Izandra's home and the music conservatory where she practises her violin.
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"When I had the opportunity to play the violin, to feel an instrument. It felt as if I was being connected to another world."

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Lyfta Live lessons - what are they?

Classes across the UK joined in the Lyfta live lesson for World Space Week
Classes across the UK joined in the Lyfta live lesson for World Space Week
Lyfta live lessons are delivered by our engagement team live, via Zoom, bringing together many different schools for a shared Lyfta experience. In autumn 2022 we ran a range of Lyfta Live lessons where we introduced students to Space Mission Lucy during World Space Week, Kid's Cup during the World Cup and Secrets of the Opera as an end of term treat.

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The Lyfta Globe and platform
The Lyfta Globe and platform
If you don't know much about Lyfta, you can read more about our award-winning immersive learning platform here.
Our Lyfta storyworlds are at the heart of what we do, offering learners intimate windows into the lives of people from across the globe. Students and teachers can explore real human stories through 360° spaces and soundscapes, high-quality documentary films, and rich media articles. Our Lyfta films depict personal stories that open up a wider, societal issue.
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