Lyfta Live Lessons: School Transition

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Live Lessons
On 6th July and 12th July over 100 classes (around 3000 students) from schools from across the UK participated in our latest Lyfta live lessons. This time we explored the ‘Home Wasn’t Built in a Day’ storyworld and focused on school transition: preparing students for the next adventure.
Students from Mowmacre Hill Primary participating in a Lyfta live lesson
Students from Mowmacre Hill Primary participating in a Lyfta live lesson
With children moving on to a new school, new keystage, or just a new year group, it's a time of change which can cause mixed emotions for many. This session was designed to help students navigate their feelings around change and embracing new beginnings.
Our in-house teacher Noel kicked off the live lesson by showing the Lyfta globe and asking those who have used Lyfta before about their favourite Lyfta experiences this school year.
Highlights included visiting the live volcano in the Canary Isles, meeting hockey-player-turned-ballerina Michel in Finland, meeting a tribe in Amazonian Treats, going inside a beehive in Beekeeper's Garden, meeting YouTuber Marcelo in Brazil and many more.
This time however we had the chance to experience two places and teleport between them, from a snowy playground in Finland to a dry and hot one in Somaliland. Noel set the scene and asked students what questions they might ask Jasmin if they were there with her.

"How do you feel about your new home?"

"What do you do in your new home?"

"Have you made new friends yet?"

"Why did you have to move?"

"Is school any different?"

"Are you excited?"

Noel then clicked on Jasmin, in the 360 space and took us into the short documentary. We experienced the story of 12-year-old Jasmin, who has lived in Finland all her life, and has moved to Somaliland with her family. Adapting to life in a new, different environment is difficult at first and Jasmin misses Finland, but the more she discovers about the new place, the more comfortable she becomes.
Jasmin and her parents in a playground in Finland
Jasmin and her parents in a playground in Finland
Jasmin playing in a playground in Somaliland
Jasmin playing in a playground in Somaliland
Students were asked to think about and discuss what journey Jasmin went on during the film and how her thoughts and feelings change from the beginning to the end of the story.

"At first she was excited to visit there but when she arrived she was unsure if she liked it. But, once she went to school she realised she's not alone, other people were in the same position as her and she learnt to cope by sharing her feelings with them, we can do the same next year."

Students were then invited to come on camera and share their own experiences of change as well as what they are nervous and excited about for the next academic year.

"I feel a bit nervous because there will be different teachers? I'm going to try to make lots of friends though."

"I can't wait to go up to next year as I'm going up with all my friends. I'm excited for food tech next year."

"I'm looking forward to going to London on a trip in year 5. Looking forward to doing more Lyfta lessons next year...."

A brave year 5 student from Shawley Primary shared his own personal experience on the call having moved to to UK from Hong Kong. This young person was worried he wouldn't have any friends but took action like joining clubs to help him make friends. He told the group how he continues to talk to his friends in Hong Kong and how much his new classmates have helped him to settle in.
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Lyfta Live lessons - what are they?

Tweets from Live Lesson for Children's Mental Health Week
Tweets from Live Lesson for Children's Mental Health Week
Lyfta live lessons are delivered by our brilliant resident teacher live, via Zoom, bringing together many different schools for a shared Lyfta experience.
Since we started our live lessons, under a year ago, we have delivered sessions to over 1500 classes in total (over 45,000 student sessions)!

New to Lyfta?

Our Lyfta storyworlds are at the heart of what we do, offering learners intimate windows into the lives of people from across the globe. Students and teachers can explore real human stories through 360° spaces and soundscapes, high-quality documentary films, and rich media articles.
Our Lyfta films depict personal stories that open up a wider, societal issue.
Our live lessons provide a great opportunity to experience some of the content with your students with no preparation required.
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