Lyfta mandala collaboration: an exciting collaborative project for your school

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Get ready to inspire and be inspired! This International LEGO Day, we invite schools and classrooms everywhere to come together as a community and build a giant digital mandala. It's free (and easy) to participate, and by contributing, you'll not only be a part of something extraordinary, but will also stand a chance of winning a very exciting prize for your school. Let’s allow our collective creativity to flourish!
Wei Wei from Building Imagination

Thank you to all the schools and learners who took part in this exciting project. It was wonderful to see how inspired children were by Wei Wei's story, and the amazing pieces of individual work which have come together to form the final design!

You can explore the collaborative piece and see the competition winners in the blog - a celebration of collective creativity.

Lyfta Mandala Collaboration trailer

How to be part of the collaboration and competition

1. Explore Lyfta storyworld "Building Imagination" where students will experience the story of Wei Wei; the only female LEGO Certified Professional in the world, as she inspired 2,000 children to build a giant LEGO mandala. You can do this by:

Examples of LEGO mandala designs and how to place name tag

2 - Invite students to create their own mandala designs and submit them to be part of this exciting collaborative digital artwork.

  • You could do this in class, or children could create their designs at home (perhaps during half term week)
  • Designs can be submitted between 24th January (12.00) until Friday 1st March (23.59)
  • The mandala design can be made with LEGO pieces, or you can draw the blocks or use other materials instead - be creative!
  • The design must be square (any that are submitted which are not square will be cropped, so you may lose some of the design).
  • The design can be from an individual, class or whole school, it can be small or huge, it just needs to be square and in a single, good quality photograph!
  • The design should feature the name of the school/class in the bottom right corner (within the square) You can also include the student name if you would like to be able to recognise individual designs and notify a winner. See examples.

3 - Submit each design for your school/class/students. You can do this:

  • Via Twitter/X by posting your images and mentioning @LyftaEd. Please add  hashtag #LyftaMandalaCollab
  • If the school does not have a Twitter/X account, you can email the designs to us.

4 - Celebrating our collaborative creation together!

  • We will share the collaborative digital mandala for schools to explore, find their own designs and explore other's.Each individual entry will be entered into our prize draw with the chance to win an exciting prize for your school (details coming soon!)
  • The competition is open only to schools in the UK - full T&Cs are here.

Optional bonus entries for helping us spread the word!

We want as many schools as possible to be part of the collaborative design, so please help us to spread the word, and as a thank you, you’ll receive bonus entries to the draw!

  • Write a post or simply use this one to share the competition and @mention other educators who might like to join. We will give a bonus prize draw entry for every @mention you add.
  • Share the information via email to other educators in your network, for any schools that participate, we’ll give you x10 bonus entries to the prize draw! Just email us a list of the names and location of the schools you have shared it with.

"At Lyfta, we are all about connection; connecting on an emotional level with our stories, connecting to other people, places and perspectives, and connecting learners to their place in the wider world. We're excited to bring together schools from across the UK and beyond through this project, to connect and create something beautiful together"

PAULINA TERVo - chief content officer at lyfta
Jan 2024
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