Lyfta mandala collab: A celebration of collective creativity

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Students across the UK and beyond have been crafting mandala designs using LEGO and other materials, to contribute to a collaborative mandala masterpiece. Now, we're thrilled to share the final design for everyone to explore. Click to zoom in, locate your creation, and discover designs from fellow learners and schools. It's a testament to the power of collective creativity, resulting in something truly beautiful!
Lyfta mandala collaboration 2024
We've created something wonderful together!

During January and February 2024, thousands of children took part in our Lyfta live lessons and collaborative art project - #LyftaMandalaCollab. In celebration of International LEGO Day, we invited schools and learners everywhere to explore Lyfta storyworld "Building Imagination" from China, to meet Wei Wei; the only female LEGO Certified Professional in the world as she helps unleash the creativity of 2,000 children to build a giant LEGO mandala.Inspired by what they had seen, students created their own mandala designs, made from LEGO and other materials, to form part of a collaborative mandala design; a collective expression of creativity!

We were amazed by the quality and creativity of all the entries we received and are delighted to share the collaborative design for you to explore. Just click and zoom in to locate your own design and explore designs from other learners and other schools. We hope you’ll agree, we really have made something beautiful together!

Lyfta mandala collaborative design - click and zoom in to explore!

And the winner is...

Congratulations to the winning designer Phoebe in year 1 at Tanworth-in-Arden who won a £300 LEGO voucher for her school!

Mandala designs submitted by students as part of Lyfta's mandala design collaboration.
A selection of mandala designs submitted to the project

Other highly commended designs came from:

  • The Lantern School
  • Kings Oak School
  • Ryders Hayes School
  • St Giles CE Primary
  • Halfpenny Lane J, I and N School
  • Lampard Community School
  • Sunrise Academy - Lowestoft
  • The Rookeries J, I and N School

Please do share the collaborative design with students who took part so they can explore and find their own work. If you have not yet explored Building Imagination, log in to access the resources including lesson plans on mandala designs. If you don't yet have a Lyfta account, why not sign up for a free trial and see what impact Lyfta storyworlds could make in your classroom!

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