Lyfta storyworld: Vanishing Sea - Jordan

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Explaining Lyfta
Explore the culturally and religiously significant area and landscape of the River Jordan and the Dead Sea with our storyworld Vanishing Sea. Meet Jordanian farmer Hassan, battling the decline of the Dead Sea and the looming threat of sinkholes all around his farmlands. Discover how he is determined to stay and protect his family’s legacy, despite financial losses, geopolitical upheaval and environmental dangers.
Trailer: Lyfta storyworld - Vanishing Sea
Join us for World Water Day to experience this new storyworld

The theme for this year's World Water Day is ‘Water for Peace’, which focuses on the critical role water plays in the stability and prosperity of the world. Join us for a live lesson on the 20th or 21st March to explore this theme through this new storyworld. We will take a wider look at the issues of water security in a region affected by historical and ongoing conflict.

The Dead Sea in Jordan
The shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan
About Vanishing Sea

Through this storyworld we learn why the River Jordan is special to half of humanity and how the Dead Sea is a geological wonder!

Students can explore immersive 360° scenes and be transported to the banks of the River Jordan, experience the otherworldly sights and sounds of the Dead Sea and see Hassan’s family home.

Learners can also hear from filmmaker Polina on what drew her to Hassan’s story and her approach to filmmaking. 

Land protector

Hassan inherited his farmland by the River Jordan as a baby when his father died. See Hassan on his farm and watch as he makes the traditional Jordanian dish Galayet Bandora from his own tomatoes. Here he grows amazing tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and beans from soil rich with potash minerals.

I come to my farm every day and spend my days here. It’s my soul’s purpose

storyworld - Vanishing Sea

However, the high price of seedlings, water, fertiliser, sulphur, pesticide and labour farming means that this is no longer a profitable business. War and unrest in the region has limited who farmers can sell to.

In agriculture, you invest but there is no return. But it’s our land, where can we go?

storyworld - vanishing sea

Hassan says he was offered a huge amount of money for his land but he would not sell because he sees himself as a land protector.

Salty shores

Take a wider look at water security issues in a region affected by historical and ongoing conflict, and explore sacred sites from the Old and New Testament. See the land, where trees once grew now cracked and barren. Square-shaped ponds on a beach that were once used by factories to extract minerals from the sea. 

Every year the Dead Sea levels are dropping by over a metre. This place that is holy to half of humanity is in danger of vanishing in the next 30 years. The rising temperatures during summer and the factories extracting the salt, have led to the sea evaporating even faster.

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