New features April 2023: Making your life easier with Lyfta

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Lyfta teacher dashboard
Lyfta teacher dashboard

Your teacher dashboard - what's new?

The new dashboard is personalised to you - and now feels more like your space, welcoming you with your name, tailored content and a list of the lessons you currently have active.

It also comes loaded with links to fresh content ideas, upcoming Lyfta events, and opportunities to use Lyfta lessons and resources.

What you'll find in the new dashboard includes:

What you'll find in the new dashboard includes:

Lyfta teacher dashboard
Lyfta teacher dashboard
  • Quick links to content discovery resources across Lyfta including:
  • Lyfta Time sequence - a list of short and powerful Lyfta lessons, ideal for assemblies, form time, circle time or dedicated reading sessions
  • The Lyfta calendar - a calendar which helps teachers engage students around global awareness and celebration days across the year
  • PSHE scheme of work - a suggested sequence of lesson plans focused on broadening horizons and embedding values
  • Other lesson sequences by subject - ready-made lessons for primary and secondary across subject areas
  • Professional development resources - signposting resources and courses to help you improve your teaching practice.
Lyfta teacher dashboard
Lyfta teacher dashboard
  • Active lessons - list of current active lessons you personally have in progress with classes
  • New storyworlds - a view of the latest fresh storyworlds made by Lyfta and released on the platform

  • Lyfta news: a gallery of updates about new content and upcoming Lyfta events
  • Lyfta love: a Twitter feed of inspiration from Lyfta teachers - giving you a quick way to see how other schools are using Lyfta content, and ideas for how you could too.
All this is just the start. Soon we'll be adding more personalised elements to your dashboard including a personal profile section, and views of your progress through Lyfta's storyworlds with your classes.

The teacher dashboard will become the home of your experience with Lyfta - we look forward to joining you on the journey!

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