New features December 2022: Improving how you discover content

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Every week thousands of teachers use Lyfta to find engaging content that introduces diverse cultures and perspectives to the classroom.

We’ve been listening to our teacher community to learn what would make searching for content on Lyfta even better. Our latest features improve the experience of discovering teaching content.
The Lyfta teacher platform
The Lyfta teacher platform

What we've done so far to improve your experience:

Easier to read at a glance

Content title and summary text
Content title and summary text
We've moved the content title and summary text together so that it's quicker to skim-read.

Clearer to see the content-type

We offer a wide range of learning content like films, articles, lesson plans and storyworlds. Now the content-type is written on the card to help you choose.

Simple to see the country location

We offer sights, sounds and documentaries from well over 30 countries so that your classes can visit a new country every week. Now the country is displayed on the storyworld cards so that you can identify useful locations.
Even more improvements to come:
The lengths of all pre-planned lessons will soon be clearly visible on the lesson cards to help you quickly choose between over 200 full-length lessons and over 100 shorter lessons on Lyfta.
The length of Lyfta's world-class documentary films will soon be clearly visible on the film cards to help you choose between over 80 short documentaries, even if you only have 5-minutes.

Help us make Lyfta even better!

We are looking for primary and secondary educators to help us improve Lyfta: you might have already used Lyfta in your classroom or maybe this is the first you have heard of Lyfta.
Whether you are new to Lyfta or use it every day, your feedback will help shape the accessibility and educational experience of this platform, to better serve all teachers and young people. You can express your interest here.
If you participate in an online session you'll receive a £50 gift card as a token of our appreciation.
After you've expressed your interest you may be invited to choose a convenient day and time for a one-to-one video interview and discussion with Lyfta's User Experience Lead, Dr Yiota Demetriou.
Yiota's role is to ensure that all Lyfta's features are intuitive, human-friendly, and support you in delivering the best possible educational experience.
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