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Explaining Lyfta
Over the summer we have been working on some important new features on the Lyfta platform to help make your experience faster, smoother and more inspiring. The wealth of new features for September 2023 include important improvements to content discoverability through search, enhanced content cards and page structure, as well as improvements to the teacher and student apps for a better user experience. Read on to find out what has changed and let us know what you think of your new, improved Lyfta journey!
Filter feature on the Lyfta platform
Filter feature on the Lyfta platform

Improving content discoverability with search

Search is the single most used page in our teacher app. Week in, week out, teachers around the world use search to find the next immersive human story to explore with classes as they journey with Lyfta. That's why it is essential to make sure it is easy to find exactly the results you need.
We've spoken to a lot of users about our search and found areas which, with a bit of attention, could be improved, and we've spent the summer break doing just that. There is a useful Lyfta help article about using the new search here. As ever, we're keen to hear back about your experiences so if you have any feedback at all, please contact us.

What have we changed?

Page/journey layout and structure:
  • We've added a search bar to the top of the page with helpful prompts to guide you
  • We've replaced the more complicated tabs and categories menu with a single, simple, universal filter
  • We've added more functions to help tailor search, including pagination
  • We've included content rows with horizontal and vertical scroll for clearer and smoother navigation
  • We've improved tagging for filtering by key stage and subjects.
Content cards:
  • Content cards now contain more information on the content type and use recognisable icons to help at a glance
  • You can search to find films by length in minutes and by age rating (e.g. U, PG)
  • Cards now include BBFC ratings and any traffic lights for teachers to be aware of for films
  • Cards now make it clearer what storyworld or series the content is part of.
Page function and usability:
  • The new, flexible and consolidated filter tool helps users tailor their search in a learnable way that is recognisable and useful to them
  • We've added a clever sorting tool to help narrow the search results and navigate them better
  • Adding pagination to also ease the navigation. Adding a number on "show results".

Student app: Series pins and more

The Lyfta globe
The Lyfta globe
The Lyfta globe is the place where learning happens, where we transport you to new countries and introduce you to new people, places and perspectives, so we continue to spend time improving your experiences on the globe as well.
Over the summer we have completed the first part of improvements for accessibility in the student app, making the Lyfta globe and storyworld pin styling more user-friendly and launching better navigation on the globe for our various storyworld series.
This is a first step in making all aspects of the Lyfta globe more accessible, with further steps in future to include a more intuitive navigation, quest flow and student travel journal.
Recently viewed items displayed on the teacher dashboard
Recently viewed items displayed on the teacher dashboard
Recently viewed items displayed on the teacher dashboard
The teacher app is your daily launching point for journeys with Lyfta. To help you navigate more quickly and easily, we have added some new functionality:
  • Teacher dashboard: Usage tiles (see blog entry here)
  • Teacher dashboard: Recently viewed (your history) - a quick view of the content items you have looked at most recently, just so you can re-find things more easily!
  • Lesson plans: Clearer, simpler, smoother navigation through lesson plan previews (see image below) or log in and view the example lesson plan preview here.
  • Bulk upload journey improvements: We have made the instructions and process for uploading students and classes much clearer and simpler - so it's quicker and easier for you to get the admin out of the way, and get to teaching.
Lyfta lesson plan outline
Lyfta lesson plan outline
Log in now to see the changes for yourself. We hope you enjoy exploring the new features and if you have any feedback or suggestions for future improvements, please contact us.
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