New features March 2023: improving options in lesson plans

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Every week thousands of teachers use Lyfta lessons to enhance curriculum topics with immersive experiences and human stories.

We’ve been listening to our teacher community to learn what would make teaching with Lyfta even better. Our latest features improve the options you have within Lyfta lesson plans.
A Lyfta lesson plans
A Lyfta lesson plans

What we've done so far to improve your experience:

A new button to teach lessons

An interactive quest
An interactive quest
'Teach lesson' is how you launch a lesson onto the Lyfta globe. This button transforms your lesson plan into an interactive quest with on-screen prompts so that you can easily follow your plan and see progress.

A new button to preview lessons

Preview lesson
Preview lesson
'Preview lesson' enables you to check how a lesson looks before you teach it. Jump to any section of a lesson to review it and choose if you would like to edit the plan before teaching.

New shortcuts to actions

New shortcuts
New shortcuts
Lesson actions are now always available as you read through a lesson plan so that you can:
  • Favorite the lesson for easy access later
  • Duplicate, edit and share with colleagues
  • Download the teacher or student PDF
  • Preview to review the lesson experience
  • Teach from the front or by individual access
Lyta is a school subscription platform offering you hundreds of lesson plans and classroom resources such as films, articles and storyworlds. Lyfta's lesson plans have been created by Lisa Taner, our Head of Educational Content, along with specialist teachers. Lisa brings a wealth of understanding from global learning, curriculum development, EAL and classroom teaching.

Even more improvements to come

We're currently exploring ways to make lesson plans easier to navigate so that you can make the most of the carefully structured sections and expert guidance in the teacher notes.

We'd like to listen to you!

We are looking for teachers in primary and secondary settings to help us improve Lyfta: you might have already used Lyfta or maybe this blog is the first you have heard of us.
Whether you are new to Lyfta or use it every day, your participation in an online session will help shape the accessibility and experience of this platform, to better serve all teachers and young people.
When you've expressed your interest we may invite you to choose a convenient day and time for a one-to-one video interview and discussion with Lyfta's User Experience Lead, Dr Yiota Demetriou. Yiota's role is to ensure that all Lyfta's features are intuitive and support you in delivering the best possible educational experience.
If you participate in a 60-minute online session you'll receive a £50 gift card as a token of our appreciation.
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